Article Writing Training-The complete freelance writing course

This Online Articles freelance writing course has all you need to succeed as a professional online freelance writer.

You’ll learn how to stand out in the Online Writers market place and how to win top paying clients, wow them with your writing, and eventually become the go-to person when it comes to online writing jobs in Kenya and abroad.

You will also learn how to create a free writers blog and know how to profit from it.

This freelance writing training will in summary teach you;

  • Where and how to start online writing in Kenya
  • How to write articles that leave clients asking for more
  • How to register online article writing accounts on UpWork, Fiverr and other article writing sites in Kenya and overseas.
  • How to create a fantastic writers blog and earn from it
  • How to research widely and make as much cash as you want from various writing opportunities
  • How to hunt, capture and retain top paying clients
  • Why online freelance writers fail and how to avoid messing your freelance writing career
  • How to write irresistible proposals
  • How to stay ahead of the competition
  • The tools that can make a difference in your writing career.

This complete freelance writing course will also tackle:

  • The issue of buying accounts (there are plenty of article writing accounts for sale in Kenya).
  • Which other opportunities are available online and how to make money from them
  • How to expand your writing business and make more dollars
  • How to avoid online scams

Packed full of actionable steps, practical exercises, and taught by online writing gurus, this course should help you know how to write for the internet prolifically and fast.

Whether you:

  • Love writing and want to make it your career
  • Want to make some extra income online and believe writing is your thing
  • Have some basics but you are unsure on how to progress
  • Freelance in other areas and need to know how to write content for your business

This freelance online writing course should help!

Created by a top-rated writer of 5+ years experience writing for magazines, newspapers, small businesses, content meals, and for marketers, this is a comprehensive writing course and should see you move from a novice to earning a decent income in a few months’ time…

Others have made it so why not you?

Who should take this course?

  1. Anybody who loves writing, and dreams of making it their career now or in future will greatly from this.
  2. Any small business owner who wants to know how to write content to help market their business
  3. Anyone looking for an online side hustle and is confident of his/her grammar skills
  4. Anyone specializing in other areas like transcription or academic writing and want to diversify to article writing


  • At least form 4 education.
  • Fair English grammar skills.
  • Access to a computer (laptop or desktop).
  • Internet connectivity

Course duration

Physical classes: 4 weeks (2 hours daily)

Online classes: Depends on the number of hours you dedicate to the course every day.

Freelance writing training free

For a one-time investment of $199 (shs. 19900), we will make you an expert freelance writer that employers in the content writing marketplace will be fighting for (guarantee provided you put in the effort).

Keep in mind that this is just little change as you can easily earn as much as $1000 in one month in
online writing.

PS: If you prefer virtual training, the fee is just $99 (shs.9900).

So, are you ready to start making money online from your writing talent?

Your success is just this course away..

Sign up now and let’s do this or visit us today to enroll.

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What others have been saying about this course:

“The complete freelance writing course was an invaluable training and has made me who I’m today. The tutors are friendly and very knowledgeable. In fact, they still respond to my questions even today, a whole 1 year later. It is the real deal!”

Leah Kyalo, ex-student and a full-time freelance writer.

Read Leah’s interview

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