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Do you dream of working online?

online jobs kenya

Well, if you don’t know, you can easily earn over $1000 per month working online!

And by the way, lots of Kenyans are doing it (Latest Government data puts the number at over 100K) and you could be next!

There are now an estimated 100,000+ Kenyans who have secured online work ranging from transcription services, article writing, virtual assistant, Facebook marketers to software development on sites like Upwork, Amazon’s MTURK, Fiverr and the Kenyan-owned KuHustle platform. 

Imagine earning from the comfort of your home, working when you want (as long as you meet deadlines), and while wearing those cute sweatpants from college you’ve always loved or the leggings your friends don’t know you own (and hopefully never will.)?

What’s more? You’re paid enough to enable you take a holiday to your dream destination whenever you feel like

Dear friend;

What has appeared impossible all along is just about to become possible.

Because, millions of  companies and small businesses are actually putting work online because it is cheaper (economically smart), efficient (they have less supervision to do) and it is easier for them to hire (the entire process of finding and hiring a freelancer is done online).


All you have to do to secure one of these jobs is have the skills the client (recruiting company) needs…

And that is where Kenya Online College comes in..

Welcome to Kenya Online College…..

We are tremendously proud to announce the launch of Kenya’s first fully dedicated college for skills required for online jobs..

Whether you’re a college/university student, a stay-at-home mom, a graduate who has grown tired of chasing after increasingly scarce formal jobs,  an ambitious young guy/girl with big life dreams, or just someone who’s looking for a worthy side hustle, we will hold your hand and make you an online success story!

“We will teach you all the tricks that have made us – the team that runs the college- rise to become among the online freelancers that companies from Europe and the US compete for!

We will make you the skilled online freelancer every company wishes to hire ….Think about that for a moment because that’s why we are here… 

Trust us: We have been there, done it!


We know ALL the tricks and secrets you need to make loads of money (and we mean loads of cash) working from your bedroom, sitting room, the balcony, the beach, or wherever..

“It is called the gig economy and we’re ready to show you how to make serious dollar  sitting in front of your computer” 

The best bit?

  • You don’t need to have any special talents.
  • Neither do you require to have a fixed level of education (except perhaps completing your KCSE) …
  • Most importantly, you don’t need connections to big people (the only ‘connection’ required here is an Internet connection –Wi-Fi or even your phone)

Anybody can work online and put food on the table as long as you’re passionate enough and willing to put in the work. 

If you’re Ready to Learn the Secrets…….

We are ready to teach you!

No matter who you are, your past negative experiences with online work platforms, or even your background, we promise to put our best foot forward to help you succeed (Guaranteed).

Indeed, if one day you can attribute even a tiny percentage of your success in online jobs to what we will teach you, we will have succeeded as well.

What next?

Go to our courses page and start by selecting a  course that you feel best suits you…

PS: Also visit our blog. We share a lot of tips to help beginners get started there.

Our Team