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If you’re passionate about a career in ICT, one of the specialized skills you can add to your CV to get ahead of the competition is networking (and interconnectivity).

I’m saying so because today nearly all hardware (from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices and even printers) hosting systems in organizations are connected to each other.

And that’s because operations flow seamlessly that way….think of what happens in the bank (it doesn’t matter where you withdraw your cash from….the new balance reflects across all the ATMs and you cannot overdraw your account by shifting to a new ATM).

Of how things run when you walk into a supermarket like Naivas…everything is linked to everything else so you can be served from any point of sale.

Now, to become good in networking- if that’s the areas that you really find interesting…remember ICT is so wide- then you may want to know about the best Networking courses in Kenya to pursue.

Which is why I have prepared this write-up.

Just before I advise you about Networking courses in Kenya including Cisco Networking Academy Kenya courses, let me introduce myself:

Now, my name is John Gitahi, and I’m the Chief Career Counsellor (and Principal) at Kenya Online College, a college that specializes in marketable courses only (unlike other institutions, we only offer courses that will either take you to a guaranteed job or lead you to entrepreneurship)- Our whatsapp number is +254 797 532 345 just in case you have a question about taking any course with us.

Now let us get into what you want to know:  Taking a networking course in Kenya

Everything you need to know about Networking courses in Kenya

What does a networking course really teach? What skills do you get?

As I had already mentioned, a networking course is a specialized ICT course that teaches you important networking skills.

  • These include cabling (from selecting and crimpling cables)
  • Network setup and configuration (involving devices such as PCs, Printers, POS terminals, etc.)
  • IP addressing (planning and implementation)
  • Wireless networking (including Wi-Fi setup)
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity problems.
  • Managing and securing networking (controlling access and ensuring essential tasks such as backups are properly setup)

These are just of the competencies and knowledge you get when you join a networking course in Kenya.

Of course, some goes even deeper and you’ll be taught crucial concepts such as network operating systems (Think of Windows Server OS and Linus Server OS)….remember entreprise networks are setup and managed by network operating systems.

The networking courses to take you to your dream career in networking

When it comes to the courses you can take in Kenya to make you an in-demand networking professional, you have several options.

Below are some of the courses I’d recommend you consider because of how valuable the certificate you get is (employers tend to value these certifications more than regular networking courses):

Cisco Networking Academy courses in Kenya

CISCO has been the undisputed leader in the manufacture of networking devices – CISCO networking equipment is used by both small and big corporations (including military and government agencies) across the planet.

Now, to ensure uninterrupted supply of professionals competent in deploying and managing CISCO devices based networks, CISCO launched their popular training arm – CISCO Networking Academy a few years ago.

And guess what?

CISCO Networking Academy has since graduated and certified thousands of students from different countries including Kenya.

Most importantly, as you can see in the following job ad, many employers have continued to demand a CISCO Certification such as CCNA (CISCO Certified Networking Associate) from applicants when hiring.

And that is because the skills you get from CISCO courses are unmatched- it is hands down the best specialized networking qualification in the market today.

And it is recognized worldwide- so it can give you a job anywhere.

Side Note: Kenya Online College offers the most popular CISCO Networking Academy courses including CCNA with intakes every first week of the month. Training is 100% practical in our labs and we ensure you’ll be 100% job ready when you walk out of our classes. Whatsapp or Call +254 797 532 345 to get the brochure (and other details of the course ).

Cisco Networking Academy Kenya requirements at Kenya Online College

We require that you have basic computer schools (Have completed computer packages or ICDL)

You should also ideally have a qualification in ICT – Diploma or Degree (or you’re intending to pursue one once you finish).

Cisco networking academy Nairobi

Cisco Networking Academy Kenya Fees Structure at Kenya Online College

Our fees is very affordable- It is just Kshs.15,000.00 per level (CCNA has 3 levels – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) inclusive of final exams and certification.


Huawei Academy Networking Courses in Kenya

Like CISCO, Huawei also makes assorted networking equipment and devices and have an educational subsidiary, Huawei Networking Academy.

Again they teach quite a few certifications- remember this time you’re trained to be a pro in networking using Huawei devices- from elementary to expert level.

Now, if you want to pursue Huawei Neworking Academy programmes, you can reach out to Zetech University- they host the academy and have been training students since it was established.


Diploma in Networking

While we have a few institutions offering a Diploma in Networking, I would not recommend that you take it if you don’t have a solid background in ICT (Having a Diploma in IT/ICT or a Degree in ICT, Computer Science, Software Engineering, etc.).


Because it is not easy to be employed with just a Diploma in Networking – employers tend to favor someone with a wholesome qualification in ICT (Diploma in IT/ICT or a Degree) plus a Certification in Networking such as CISCO CCNA.

Why so?

Since a Diploma in Networking is mainly a networking course, you’ll lack other vital skills such as hardware troubleshooting (computer repair and maintenance), database administration, programming, and the like.

Yet these skills are usually helpful even when working as a networking technician.

So my advise is: Finish your major ICT qualification then enroll for CISCO (or a similar qualification or even a Diploma in Networking) with us. It will give you an edge.


KASNEB Networking Course

See Diploma in Networking above- It is one of the Diploma courses I was speaking about.



What are the typical jobs for a graduate of a networking course?

Finishing the course can open the door for you to jobs such as:

  • Networking technician
  • Network administrator
  • Networking installer
  • System administrator
  • Networking engineer.

Final words

If you’d like to pursue a networking course at an institute that prioritizes practicals and skills, then Whatsapp or Call +254 797 532 345 to get our CISCO Networking courses brochure (and other details of the course ).

Otherwise, I wish you well as you work hard to get your foot into Kenya burgeoning ICT industry.

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