Virtual assistant Training– the complete course

Virtual assistant (VA) – the complete course

A lot of people don’t know this: with the rise of the digital economy, mindboggling numbers of solepreneurs and small business people around the world are opting to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to help them run their businesses.

First things first: What exactly does a VA job involve and why is the demand for VAs on the rise?

Well, a VA is like a digital equivalent of conventional PAs (personal assistant) or online secretaries..

In a nutshell, a VA is the unsung hero who keeps the wheels of digital businesses turning- you handle some of the most vital tasks in today’s business world: accounting, bookkeeping, managing emails, marketing management, social media management, and more.

So, why are small entrepreneurs and companies scrambling to add VAs to their teams?

Well, money is the answer…

Sure, some turn to independent virtual assistants for productivity reasons but the biggest motivation is reducing the cost of running their business- outsourcing administrative tasks is undeniably way cheaper than maintaining full-time office assistants.

That said, you can still earn a respectable figure as a freelance VA- the pay per hour on platforms such as Upwork ranges between $5 to $40 and top notch VAs consistently take home over $1000 per month.

Here are other beautiful bits:

  • VAs don’t have to commute to work (no more insane traffic jams!).
  • There are no annoying bosses breathing down your neck.
  • You work when you want (well, almost..).
  • You can work in your pajamas (seriously!).

To mention but a few..

Welcome to Kenya Online College’s Complete Virtual Assistant course

Would you like to learn how to become a virtual assistant in Kenya?

If you said yes, this virtual assistant course opens a whole new world of opportunities for you…

We will teach you how to become a virtual assistant in Kenya working for local and international companies and businesses.

Here are some of the concepts we cover extensively…

  • The most in-demand skills in the virtual assistant industry.
  • The tools you need to thrive as a VA.
  • Where to find (and apply) for lucrative virtual assistance positions overseas as well as virtual assistant jobs in Kenya.
  • Dozens of little-known techniques and hacks used by top-notch VAs to land high-paying VA gigs.
  • How to market yourself and stay ahead of the competition.

In a nutshell, we will train you how to become a VA that clients from all corners of the planet will be jostling for (guaranteed as long as you put in the required effort).

It’s simply the most complete virtual assistant training manual around..

Requirements for this virtual office assistant training

  1. At least fairly good grammar skills.
  2. Access to a computer (laptop/desktop) and a reliable internet connection.

Created by practicing VAs and delivered physically or online, this step-by-step course is extremely perfect for newbies seeking to start a career as a VA.

It’s so comprehensive and practical that you’ll regret not to have discovered it earlier..

How long does the Virtual assistant (VA) – the complete course take?

  • Physical classes- 8 weeks (2 hours daily, Monday to Friday)
  • Online classes- we recommend 8 weeks but you can take shorter or longer depending on the number of hour you devote to our virtual assistant training program per day.

Your investment

The fee is Kshs.30K ($300) for physical training (you can pay in two installments). Those taking the course online are required to pay Kshs.20K ($200).

The truth is, this amount is massively discounted if you consider the skills you’ll learn and the potential returns (remember some Kenyan-based VAs pocket over Kshs.100000 per month).

In fact, some trainees recover this money within the very first month after the training.

That’s how awesome this virtual assistant course is!


Virtual assistant training – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.     Can I start applying for jobs immediately after the training?

Sure yes.

All you need is a portfolio (a collection of samples) to prove to clients that you’re up to the task.

The good thing is that we shall help you create a persuasive portfolio during the training to enable you start bidding for virtual assistant jobs for beginners right away.

2.     Will you offer me support after the course?

Again yes!

We have an excellent after-course support system and we will be at hand to answer your questions, review your pitches, and more until you get your footing in the industry.

3.     Can you help me find job offers?

While we can’t promise you jobs, we will show you where to look for genuine high paying VA jobs and how to win them.


What next?

Visit us at our campus in Nairobi to enroll or register online here (if you prefer to study virtually).

PS: Please note that we only accept a limited number of students with each intake to allow us give trainees maximum attention. We therefore encourage you to call 0732 777 838 to find out if the registration is open before enrolling.

Fact: With the e-commerce age at an all-time peak and growing at mindboggling rate, the demand for competent VAs will continue to surge. Remember: “Opportunities are like sunrises… If you wait too long, you miss them.” William Arthur Ward




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