Transcription training in Kenya- The complete Transcription Course

If you’re a good listener, you can easily make money from this skill.

It’s not even that tough- all you have to do is listen to what a speaker/narrator is saying in a video, podcast, courtroom, etc. then type it…

This is what transcription – a popular online job in Kenya- is mainly all about.

And the best thing is that there’s rising demand for transcribers across the globe as the digital economy peaks.

So, where and how do you start?

The answer is simple…

Take Kenya Online College ‘s Complete Transcription Course, the best transcription training in Kenya.

Transcription training in Kenya- The complete Transcription Course

Widely recognized as the crème de la crème of transcription courses in Kenya, our transcription training course will teach you how to expertly transcribe audio files and build a lucrative career as a professional transcriptionist.

You see, this content-driven world is constantly looking for more transcription talent to create written versions of video/audio recordings, conversations, meetings, and more.

That’s because companies of all types and in all kinds of industries include transcripts of their various video/audio content- from YouTube videos, training videos, marketing Podcasts, etc.

Of course, companies recognize that some folks prefer to read text rather than watch videos (or) listen to an audio file hence the need to hire transcriptionists.

Remember that your job involves listening to audio files and translating them into long-form text and our course is designed to help you learn how to accomplish this with minimal mistakes!

Course outline

The course has a total of 2 sections and there are 6 lectures. The entire tutorials length is 1h 41m.

Here is how the course is arranged:

Introduction- 2 lectures (15min)

Lecture 2: Transcription Software

Assignment 1 (Self Test 1- 1 question)

Lecture 3: Transcription Rules and Speaker Labels

Lecture 4: Tags, Punctuation and Grammar

Lecture 5: Types of Transcripts, Number Rules, Sentence Building & Timestamps

Lecture 6: How to do a Google Search Correctly & An Assignment

Self Test 2 (1 question)

This comprehensive transcription jobs training also teaches you:

  • How to work with various audio players to cut the time you spend controlling your audio.
  • Basic grammar and punctuation rules so you can easily type what the speaker says with accuracy, even if he/she isn’t using super accurate grammar.
  • How to become more productive using hotkeys, text expanders, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Advanced techniques like transcribing files with two or more speakers or timestamping.
  • Cleaning up bad audios so that they’re easier to transcribe.
  • Little known tricks and secrets that will help you stand out as a transcriber.
  • Where to find transcription jobs in Kenya and from other countries (including the top transcription companies to work for).
  • How to succeed in transcription and build a thriving transcription business.

More importantly, you’ll gain real hands-on experience by working on practice files that match specific in-demand transcription skills.

You’ll also access vital grammar resources, practical tests, advanced professional projects teaching pro-level skills, and more.

We will offer you on-going full-time mentorship after training.

Our training package also includes the following:

  • Transcription software
  • Practise audio files.
  • Guidance on opening your own transcription account(s)
  • Full lifetime access

Who this transcription course is for:

  • Anyone interested in mastering transcription to kickstart a career as a work-from-home transcriber or in a formal setup (there are companies that hire 8-to-5 transcribers).
  • Students currently practicing as transcriptionists but want to learn how to transcribe faster or seeking to build advanced transcription skills such as timestamping.


  1. Access to a computer (laptop/desktop).
  2. Fairly good grammar skills.
  3. Form 4 education (and above).

Transcription training fee in Kenya

The course is going for a discounted fee of Kshs.7500/- (Online training).

Note that you can recover this investment within the first month after the course (with the right amount of effort put into it).


About the trainer

Our trainer, Shelmith K. Mwangi has  worked for some of the World’s top transcription companies and firms (TranscribeMe, GMR Transcription, individual clients, etc.) and has been praised as a top performer because of her masterly of transcription.


Shelmith is also a highly-rated Video Captioning and VA Coach.

In terms of qualifications, she holds a professional diploma  in Secretarial / Administrative Assistance and is certified in several ICT Applications.

In the past 6 years, Shelmith has trained  800+ students from Kenya and abroad both  physically and online.

In a nutshell, you’ll be taught and mentored by a guru who has been there, done that.


How to pay fees

  1. Open your MPESA
  2. Go to Lipa na MPESA
  3. Choose PayBill
  4. Enter Business Number 400200
  5. Enter account number 01148629946000
  6. Enter the amount (Kshs.7500)
  7. Enter your MPESA PIN
  8. Confirm the transaction
  9. You will receive an SMS confirmation from MPESA immediately
  10. You’ll also receive an SMS confirmation of your payment from COOP Bank shortly.

After that, forward the MPESA confirmation message to 0732777838 to enable us enroll you.

We shall call and guide you from there.



Transcription training in Kenya- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much does transcription pay in Kenya?

Transcription is a generally well-paying…

On average, a transcriptionist is paid around $15.00 per hour (the pay is between $0.20-$0.50 per audio minute), while advanced transcriptionists earns around $20.00 to $30.00 per hour.

In a month, you can easily earn between $500 (Kshs.50000) to $1000 (Kshs.100000) working from the comfort of your house (depending on your speed).

Are there transcription jobs in Kenya that pay through MPESA?

Sure, Yes.

Most online transcription jobs for beginners (and even for experienced transcribers) pay via platforms like PayPal which allow you to withdraw your earnings to your MPESA wallet.

Our course will introduce you to these and more jobs.


Please text your questions to 0732 777 838 and we shall get back to you with answers about our transcription course.


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