How to become a blogger in Kenya – the complete blogging course

If you have been thinking of generating passive income (income that needs little to zero effort to earn/maintain), you should seriously consider becoming a blogger.

This is where our popular and well-respected How To Become A Blogger In KenyaThe Complete beginner blogging Course comes in.

Look, friend:

You don’t have to go chasing after modern wage blue or white color jobs that are increasingly becoming scarce in our country.

Who even knows when and if that dream job you crave will ever turn up?

What we are saying is simple: You can take control of your destiny and actually make great money working as a blogger in Kenya.

Indeed, blogging can be a fantastic career if you approach it the right way (whether you’re targeting your website to local audience or tier one countries like the US and UK).

Consider this:

Bloggers earn as much as Kshs.100000 (Fact: the highest paid bloggers in Kenya earn more than 300,000Ksh.) per month.

Now to an important question: Exactly how do bloggers make money in Kenya?

Well, this cash comes from promoting different products, publishing Ads from Google, selling online ad space for Kenyan and foreign companies, to mention just a few money spinners for bloggers in Kenya.

Does this interest you?

If yes, continue reading..

In truth, blogging is a super sweet job..

Here are some of the reasons that make blogging such a beautiful job (not to forget the massive potential earnings):

  • You’ll be your own boss– meaning you can work in the evening, early in the morning, or whenever you’re psyched up.
  • You can work from anywhere– from your bedroom (and in your pajamas), the balcony, the dining room, the beach, from a hotel lobby.
  • You become a better writer– With blogging, you get to hone your writing hobby and make money from your God given writing talent. You can even publish your book via your blog.
  • You build a brand- Use your blog to showcase your expertise and knowledge about topics you’re deeply passionate about and you’ll begin to get invitations to exclusive events in no time.
  • The initial investment is really minimal- But for your time and perhaps our extremely affordable training costs (more on this later), this is one business where you’re guaranteed mindboggling returns with very little opening capital (the only other requirements are a laptop/desktop plus access to a reliable internet connection).

Keep in mind that we have barely scratched the surface – blogging has tons of other unique advantages!

Did we even mention that you don’t even need any special or out-of-the-world skills to succeed as a blogger?

We know that this sounds too good to be true but it’s the truth!

The only catch is: You need to put all that we teach you in practice and be patient- most blogging sites that pay in Kenya start bringing worthwhile returns after 4-12 months of work.

Of course, some start making money earlier than this- it all depends on your niche and your strategy but you get the idea.

Now, your blogging career and lifestyle is just How To Become A Blogger In Kenya- The Complete beginner blogging Course away.

It’s actually the only course you need to kickstart your blogging career.

Here is what we will teach you in this comprehensive

How to become a blogger in Kenya –course content

  • Blogging essentials for starters.
  • How to select a niche that’s both interesting and profitable.
  • Keyword research and content strategy (including the super effective kinds of blog content).
  • How to start a blog and earn money in Kenya (step by step approach to building a profitable blog targeting local or international audience in WordPress).
  • The importance of quality writing and techniques to make you a better writer.
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization)- on page and off page (How to optimize your new website for Google and other search engines to drive 10X free traffic to your sites).
  • Monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing, Ads, selling your own digital products, etc.
  • Growing an email list- an engaged email list is every blogger’s most precious asset since you can generate extra revenue from the list on demand!
  • Strategies to help you make your blogging more profitable and turn it into a cash cow that will be earning mind-boggling sums of money for you while you sleep!

The course also answers some of the most common questions that bother aspiring bloggers like:

  • The real cost of starting a blog in Kenya (domain name, web hosting, and everything else involved).
  • How to start a blog in Kenya for free (and whether it’s worth it!).

In a nutshell, at the end of the course, you’ll have learned:

  • Precisely how to start a blog and earn money in Kenya.
  • Content promotion strategies.
  • Basic SEO.
  • How to keep growing your income.
  • Tricks and hacks that successful bloggers apply to make unlimited income from their blogs.
  • The most important tools every blogger must have for tremendous success.
  • Where to find blogging jobs in Kenya (for those who want to work as freelance bloggers instead of starting their own websites).
  • And more.

Note that this is the only specialized blogging course in the market at the moment and the first to be taught in-person by incredibly successful Kenyan-based bloggers and affiliate marketers (we run virtual trainings as well).

Who this blogging course is for:

As mentioned, this excellent course is recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to start blogging from scratch (as a business or hobby).

The course can also be helpful for little experienced bloggers who are struggling to take their blogs to the next income level.


Your investment

The entire package costs you just $200 (Kshs.20000) and yes…

You should leave with your own website all set up and ready to be taken further and monetized (it’s all practical training).

Remember we also offer continuous mentorship until you get to stand on your own feet.

Now, considering that your site will be paying you monthly (remember some blogs pay their owners as more than $1000/kshs.100,000), this is really an insignificant investment.

Something else:

Since we only want to give our students the very best training, we only take 20 students each month so it’s important to book early if you’re in.

Course duration

For in-person training, the How To Become A Blogger In Kenya course runs for 4 weeks – Monday to Friday (2 hours daily).

Virtual classes however take longer (average is 6 weeks) and we only admit periodically.



Like other online jobs, you need to have a computer (laptop/desktop) and access to the internet.

In addition, good grammar skills are necessary to take this course.

Lastly, the course is best for those who have High Level education and above.

We should add that no genius IT skills are needed here.

A word on the Lead Trainer

John Gitahi, the chief trainer owns several moneymaking blogs both locally and internationally and numerous other online ventures.

He is also one of the founders of Kenya Online College and is a renowned internet marketer.

He revels in helping Kenyans make money online and is a mentor to many.

What next?

Please visit our campus and enroll or register online here (if you prefer online training – subject to admissions being open)..

You can call 0732 777 838 if you have further questions…


Excuses will always be there for you. An opportunity won’t.”Anonymous



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