How to start an online shop in Kenya- the masterclass

How to start an online shop in Kenya – the best course

Jumia. Kilimall. Jiji. PigiaMe….

Now, most of these online stores didn’t even exist ten years ago.

But guess what? The owners are smiling all the way to the bank..

And are you aware that Amazon- the biggest online shop in the World- made the owner (Jeff Bezos) the world’s first dollar trillionaire?

Well, we cannot promise that you’ll be the next Jeff Bezos or even Alibaba’s owner Jack Ma- his net worth is estimated at over $57 billion.

But we are pretty sure that you could make millions too, running an online business..


This is not just about learning how to create an online shop- it’s an indepth MASTERCLASS that teaches you everything online business in Kenya.

Just to show you how detailed the course is, here are some of the skills you’ll learn:

  • How to start an online shop in Kenya / how to start an online store in Kenya (an independent shop) -we start with how to register an online business in Kenya and about all the legal requirements for starting an online business in Kenya to building the website/sales funnel.
  • How to start an online business that leverages other online selling platforms in Kenya- PigiaMe, KillMall, and similar online shops in Kenya.
  • Product selection (choosing the right products)- we go as far as teaching you how to identify the high demand products in Kenya (these are, of course, the best products to sell online in Kenya).

You’ll also learn how to research:

  • Fast moving items to sell online / fast moving goods in Kenya from china and in general, fast moving products in Kenya in all categories.
  • Jumia basics including how to sell on Jumia Kenya, how to become a Jumia agent in Kenya. and dropshipping on Jumia Kenya.
  • PigiaMe basics beginning with how to sell on pigiame.
  • KiliMall essentials (how to sell on kilimall, customer care techniques, getting repeat customers, etc).
  • How to promote anything you want online including how to sell clothes online in Kenya via social media, Google ads, and more.


How to start an online shop in Kenya course – what else you’ll learn

  • Find and evaluate profitable Online Business Ideas for the global market.
  • How to properly plan your online business.
  • How to create and build a professional online business brand.
  • How to keep your business on top of the competition.


After the course, you’ll be able to

  • Select what to sell and research what sells most on Jumia / best selling products on Jumia Kenya.
  • Describe how to start an online shop in Kenya and make money (and actually do it).
  • Understand how to create content that attracts more attention and gets your audience to click and buy.
  • How to make your online business stand out using strategies that work.
  • Work with various tools to improve conversion.


Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring online entrepreneurs- people wanting to start their own online businesses.
  • Small physical business owners who want to take advantage of the internet to grow their business.
  • Traditional marketers seeking to venture into online marketing.


Your investment

This is a comprehensive online entrepreneurship course and is perhaps the only course you’ll need to open a thriving online business in Kenya (and internationally).

That said, it’s quite budget-friendly – it costs just Kshs.20000 (physical training) and Kshs.15000 (online training).


  • A strong desire to succeed.
  • Be willing to put in the work.
  • Best for those who have completed form 4.


Course duration

The physical training takes 4 weeks, 2 hours daily (Monday to Friday).

Online training takes between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the number of hours you devote to the course daily.


About the trainers

The course is taught by practicing online entrepreneurs with a thorough grasp of the ecommerce industry in Kenya.

Indeed, our trainers make most of their income from various online businesses so you’ll be trained by guys who have been there, done it!


What next?

Please visit our campus and enroll or register online here (if you prefer online training – subject to admissions being open)..

You can call 0732 777 838 if you have further questions…

“Almost overnight, the Internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business _”Bill Schrader


The complete Digital marketing course in Kenya



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