Social media training in Kenya: best social media marketing course in Kenya

Social media training in Kenya: We are very excited to announce that registration for our new premium Social Media Marketing course is now open…

What exactly does our Social Media Marketing Course do for you?

Kenya online College’s social media marketing course teaches you how to use tested, step-by-step systems to promote your or your client’s products/services using social media.

In truth, this Social media training program is super different than most courses about social media marketing and is widely regarded as one of the best social media courses in Kenya.


Because other social media courses in Kenya just teach you just how to “post your products online” and hope for the best- rarely do these courses show you the secrets that will make you actual sales..

If you doubt us, go through the curriculum of any online marketing course in Kenya and see for yourself- there’s a lot on the small features like content creation and social media automation but no practical lessons on essentials such as getting more engagements, attracting profitable leads, and going viral!

In short, our social media marketing course shows you precisely how to get thousands of people to actually buy whatever you’re selling using tactics that are working in Kenya right now.

From creating ads that will bring real sales to making a brand a household name on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, our Social media training in Kenya will show all you need to succeed as a freelance social media marketer OR as an online entrepreneur.

Here are some of the other crucial skills we teach in our all new updated SEO and social media marketing course:

  • Developing a foolproof Social Media Strategy- Growing brands on social media from zero to hero!
  • Optimizing Social Media Platforms to win more followers and boost engagement.
  • Use of in-demand Social Media Automation techniques to increase your efficiency.
  • Graphic design basics.
  • Social media monitoring and auditing brands marketing campaigns on social media.
  • Use of hacks such as compelling Landing Pages (to increase conversions) and Hashtags to reach millions).
  • Using Social Media to complement PR and customer care efforts.

And there’s a whole lot more- the objective of the course is to train you how to handle the various popular social media platforms/sites to get genuine followers (and sell to them).

What’s more, our trainers run ‘over-the-shoulder’ tutorials that demonstrate to you exactly how to implement the most important concepts from the course, step-by-step – we firmly believe that the easiest way to learn anything is by watching someone else do it.

Social media training in Kenya: the opportunity

Some of you ask us about the type of jobs they can do with the course (and their potential earnings).

Well, our answer is always the same: there are unlimited jobs and infinite income!


Is there a serious business that is not marketing on social media these days? Of course not- you can be sure that even those who are yet there are in the process of joining the social media marketing bandwagon.

That means you will have tons of positions waiting for you upon graduation both locally and internationally (you can choose to work entirely online from home on freelancing websites such as Upwork).

To give you an idea, here are some of the jobs you can qualify for:

  • Social media coordinator.
  • Social media manager.
  • Social media lead generation expert.
  • Social media marketing strategist/consultant.
  • Digital marketing assistant.
  • Facebook Ads Expert.
  • Professional eMarketer.

On the other hand, you can use the skills we teach you here to launch a flourishing online business targeting local audiences or other countries including the USA (purely reliant on social media traffic for income!).

“Fact: Social media marketing jobs are amongst the most in-demand skills for organizations of all sizes. And median salaries in social media marketing start at $70k per year


Who is this course for?

  • Anybody who dreams of working online as a social media manager/marketer.
  • Anybody running his/her own business and is looking to grow his/her presence and sales using social media.
  • Anybody who’s planning to start an online business in any field- a shop, boutique, professional services, etc.


  • No experience is needed but having a minimum of form 4 education (and above) is preferred.
  • Reasonable written and spoken English skills are a huge plus especially if you want to work online as a freelance social media manager on platforms like Upwork.


Your investment

This is a comprehensive course and you certainly don’t need to go through any other course to kickstart your social media marketer career.

It’s, however, incredibly affordable- it costs Kshs.20000 (physical training) and Kshs.15000 (online training).


Course duration

The physical training takes 4 weeks, 2 hours daily (Monday to Friday).

Online training takes between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the number of hours you devote to the course daily.


Certificate of completion

On completion, you’ll receive an official certificate from us to add your resume (having an accredited certificate goes a long way in building confidence among employers, for those who’ll be taking the employment route).


About the trainers

The course is taught by practicing Social Media Marketers who have mastered the industry.

In fact, some of our trainers are certified as social media marketing experts by giants such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Us

We are the only college accredited to offer training for online jobs in Kenya- we are deeply passionate about fighting unemployment in our country using our peerless knowledge of the internet space.

Indeed, we are proud to have trained hundreds of young men and women, most of whom are today making good income working online in Kenya.

In short, our mission is simple: to connect you to online opportunities that are yet to be fully exploited.


What next?

Please visit our campus and enroll or register online here (if you prefer online training – subject to admissions being open)..

You can call 0732 777 838 if you have further questions…


PS: While the enrollment for our social media marketing course- certainly the best Social media training in Kenya- is now open, it closes pretty soon because we only take 20 students each time (for maximum attention). Hurry!



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