Self publishing in Kenya alternative-Make money writing and selling eBooks online (course)

Dear friend,

If have you seriously been thinking about how to make lots of money quickly from your God-given writing talent, this will be extremely exciting for you…

See; you don’t have to spend tons of money self publishing in Kenya – not when you can make thousands and thousands of shillings per month writing and publishing eBooks online..

It may sound like an insane idea but hey, it’s very practical and real.

Wait…we even have guys who are walking away with over Kshs.100K writing short but quick selling eBooks on platforms like Amazon (Kindle program).

All you need to do is find a profitable topic to write about and you could soon be smiling all the way to the bank..all thanks to the internet!

The sweetest part?

The money will be coming to you passively- you simply write your brilliant book and publish it.

The cash will be coming to your bank every month without you doing much else!

Trust us: Nothing is greater than passive income (you will earn for life for work you do only once!).

In other words, we are telling you to forget the hassles of self publishing in Kenya and venture where the money is: writing eBooks to sell online..

And we will show you how to do it from scratch.


If you’re passionate enough (and hate being broke), then this is something you can do.

To get started, we invite you to join our Make Money Writing Books Online in Kenya program.

Find the details below..

Alternative to self publishing in Kenya-Make money writing and selling eBooks online (course) – full details

This popular step-by-step program is designed to help Kenyan writers who are tired of being bankrupt and want to make loads of money from the international market.

In fact, it’s an extremely detailed training program that will help you publish your first eBook within a few weeks and start earning online!

We will teach you a super easy way to research and write ebooks so you can go from a penniless writer to having a bank balance you’ll be proud to disclose to friends in a few months.


What you’ll learn

  • How to find profitable niches to create eBooks for.
  • How to write high-quality digital books in minimum time – from making a workable writing plan, setting up the eBook, to editing and proofreading.
  • Where and how to publish your eBook online.

Other topics:

  1. How to use book templates to make the entire writing process easy.
  2. How to integrate required quality standards throughout for an impeccable final product.
  3. How to continue improving/maximizing your efforts to grow your digital books publishing business to earn more residual income.

We shall also answer all the questions you might have in mind when it comes to self-publishing a book in Kenya including:

  • How do you write a book in Kenya?
  • How much does it cost to publish a book in Kenya?
  • How to publish a book in Kenya online.
  • Is book writing profitable in Kenya?
  • Which are the best online publishing companies in Kenya?

In short, we will show you precisely how to craft an eBook that will make you thousands of dollars for life in a couple of weeks.

You work once but reap the sweet fruits of your labour all your life!

Are you seeing the amazing future that awaits you, friend?

Here is another secret: You don’t even have to be a good writer to make money writing eBooks in Kenya- you can hire a freelance writer cheaply and have them do everything for you- We will even show you where to find these writers!

Your only job will be to check the bank balance once sales pick up!

Who is the course for?

  • Any Kenyan writer who doesn’t fancy self publishing in Kenya (because, in truth, you’ll struggle to make money from the local market unless you’re well known).
  • Any established writer who wants to venture into digital publishing.
  • Any online writer (freelancer) who wants to diversify to writing eBooks as a way of generating passive income.
  • Any budding writer who is looking for a quick way to get published and earn from their talent.
  • Anyone else who wants to earn passively- it’s like you have invested in real estate (a paycheck waits for you every month).


  • You’ll need a computer/laptop (or access to one) with internet access -for typing and researching.
  • Basic writing skills are also essential.
  • 1 week of your time.

Course duration

As mentioned above, the physical training takes 1 week, 2 hours daily (Monday to Friday).

Online training takes between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the number of hours you devote to the course daily.

Your investment

The entire course goes for a one-time fee of Kshs.10000 ($100).

Of course, you can recover this small amount even within one month of publishing your eBook (everything else – and you’ll continue earning infinitely- will be profit).

PS: We only take a small group of trainees at any given time as we care more about maintaining top quality and standards in our trainings.

About the instructors

The course is taught by writers who actively write books for Amazon and other publishing platforms.

That means that you’ll be learning from gurus who know the secrets of making money writing eBooks!

Plus, it’s all practical- it’s 100% do as I do stuff!

What next?

Please visit our campus and enroll or register online here (if you prefer online training – subject to admissions being open)..

You can call 0732 777 838 if you have further questions…

Final word

The opportunity to make a solid living, even to earn a fortune for anyone with a writing talent is real and readily available.

Imagine this: This eBooks income system is just sitting there; waiting for you to get down to work and write an eBook that will unlock it.

Any takers?

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