Youtube Monetization in Kenya- Make Money from YouTube Course

Have you been wondering how you can make a living from YouTube?

That is:

  • You understand that making YouTube videos is rewarding and one of the most exciting ways to make money online in Kenya but you don’t know where to start.


  • You have a running YouTube channel but you’re struggling to make any headway despite giving it your all.


  • You are looking for ways to make money passively (even when you’re sleeping) and feel that YouTube could be your big break?


  • You’re an artist seeking ways to showcase his/her talents to the ever growing YouTube fans hoping to profit from it down the road?

If you belong to any of these categories and you’re serious about making money online as a youtuber in Kenya, we have great news for you:

Our Make Money from YouTube Course will show you exactly how to start a YouTube channel in Kenya from start to finish and make money as a YouTuber in Kenya.

In fact, it’s the best course about making money online from YouTube in Kenya..

We teach you everything about attracting thousands of subscribers in minimal time, secrets of YouTube monetization in Kenya (making more money from just a few videos), turning your brand into an incredible money-making machine, and more.

Here is what else you’ll learn:

Youtube Monetization in Kenya : Make Money from YouTube Course..what else you’ll learn

This is a very comprehensive YouTube training course and we will teach you everything you need to make unlimited money from YouTube.

To be specific, in addition to the core topics, we tackle essentials such as:

  • How to use various Youtube SEO strategies to gain more traffic organically.
  • How to outrank competing channels in Youtube searches.
  • How to improve your YouTube channel using analytics.
  • How to create Playlists that increases Subscribers and views.
  • How to leverage your audience to become a YouTube sensation.

In a nutshell, this is a must-take course if you’re committed to jumpstarting your YouTube Channel.

It’s a YouTube Masterclass that’s guaranteed to help you translate your video making hobby into an extra income-generating stream.

So whether you’re a complete newbie or someone needing help to grow his/her channel, this is the course you’ll regret not to have discovered earlier.

Indeed, besides looking extensively at YouTube monetization in Kenya, we answer all those nagging questions bothering you including:

  • How much does youtube pay in Kenyan shillings, how much does youtube pay for 1000 views in Kenya, and how much does youtube pay per subscriber in Kenya?
  • The issue of getting paid to watch youtube videos in Kenya.

The best part?

You don’t need any special skills or video training background to make money as a YouTuber in Kenya.

In truth, you don’t even have to do it yourself- you can hire an excellent freelancer cheaply and have him/her make the videos, publish them, and optimize the channel for you.

Your work will just be to track progress and receive payments when it starts earning- which can be pretty soon (with the right approach).


  • Availability of the basics– a smartphone (or a camera plus laptop/desktop computer) and internet access.
  • You should have a Google account– you’ll use it to sign up for your YouTube account (we’ll teach you how at the start of the course).
  • A strong desire to Make Money from YouTube- Be willing to put in the effort required to make youtube money in Kenya.


Who else can take the course?

  • Businesses, entrepreneurs, actresses, actors, entertainers, teachers, online teachers,… anyone wishing to build his/her own brand using YouTube.


Course duration

Online training takes between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the number of hours you reserve for the course daily.

We have  physical sessions whereby we do various tasks practically in between – we shall share the schedule once you register.

Your investment

The entire course goes for a one-time fee of Kshs.20000 ($200).

To be honest, you can recoup this investment even within a few months of starting your YouTube channel (if you implement everything we teach step-by-step).

About the instructors

The course is taught by YouTubers who actively run their own YouTube channels.

They will share with you everything related to making viral videos for your YouTube channel and the little known hacks they have learned over the years.

Our trainers are also amazing mentors and will be available for consultation even after the course.


What next?

Please visit our campus and enroll or register online here (if you prefer online training – subject to admissions being open)..

You can call 0732 777 838 if you have further questions…

About YouTube offices in Kenya

YouTube (owned by Google) does not have physical offices in Kenya..instead, if you have an issue, you file your complain online as described here

Otherwise, you can see the exact steps here.

Your other option is contacting us here at Kenya Online College…we can advise you when it comes to questions like how to start a YouTube channel in Kenya or questions like how to make sure you’re earning maximally if you already have a channel.

Good luck.

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