Is digital marketing marketable in Kenya?

So, is digital marketing marketable in Kenya?

Well, many of you have been asking us this question and for quite sometime..some of you are students looking to jump into digital marketing because you have heard it pays well, others finished college some time back and are looking for something to do because the course they did is yet to give them work….

While yet others are waiting to go to college and want to do a short course that can be giving you some income as you study your ‘major’ course..

I have also seen messages about digital marketing job market in Kenya from frustrated freelancers who have been doing other online jobs like writing but are now finding it hard to get jobs thanks to AI- and so you might be looking to expand your wings to digital marketing.

Whatever your background, below is what you need to know about your job and earning prospects if you take digital marketing in Kenya:

Is digital marketing marketable in Kenya?

Short answer: Yes.

And I have to tell you this: You see, we frequently get requests from organizations and businesses looking for top-notch digital marketers in Kenya which we struggle to fill..

You should find us making frantic calls to prospects in our database only to be disappointed that they do not have digital marketing skills.

And that is absolutely true…We have problems finding the right people to send to these companies that are in desperate need of qualified digital marketers in Kenya..


Well, we think it is because many young Kenyans are still unaware about the huge potential of digital marketing course in Kenya so they do not do it and opt to do traditional courses such as human resources, sales and marketing, business management and the like.

The result?

We have on one hand companies that are seeking to hire digital marketing staff (and willing to pay well for the right person) and on the other hand countless unemployed Kenyans who are saying there are no jobs in Kenya!

Very sad, we tell you.

And do you know what else makes digital marketing course in Kenya so, so marketable?

Well, it’s because you do not even have to restrict yourself to the Kenyan market..

Nope…I know of a few students who have gone ahead to work for digital marketing agencies in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and elsewhere with the skills they learn when they take our digital marketing Kenya course.

In other words, it is not a must that you work for digital marketing companies in Kenya ….nope! The cake is big and you can pitch companies in the above-mentioned countries and get work that pays you a big salary..

I mean you can even work for Meta and Google if you’re ambitious and hardworking enough (and you master everything digital marketing).


So, why is digital marketing suddenly so marketable in Kenya?

Now, quite a number of factors have contributed to the immense demand for digital marketing qualification holders in Kenya:

We look at a few of them below:


Great Internet Penetration

You might know that because Kenya has one of the best internet penetration in Africa, ambitious businesses are left with no choice but to take internet marketing seriously.

And that means that businesses are today providing a budget for full-time digital marketing personnel – unlike in the past when the ICT guy would be tasked with digital marketing responsibilities.

In fact, many businesses have seen how profitable investing in digital marketing can be and are seeking to ramp up their digital marketing efforts..which means, more jobs for trained digital marketers.


Growth of E-commerce

The next reason is the rapid growth of e-commerce in Kenya…..plenty of small businesses have moved online in recent years

Indeed, we even have multiple international e-commerce brands including, Autochek, etc. and other supporting businesses setting shop in Kenya

That is also providing more opportunities for qualified digital marketers in Kenya since all these businesses want help in reaching and selling to the ever-growing online Kenyan audience.


Social Media explosion

From TikTok to Instagram, Kenyans are super active on nearly all social media platforms (thanks to the emergence of the mobile phone), which makes social media marketing- an essential part of digital marketing platforms- an invaluable tool when it comes to businesses connecting with whoever their target audience is.

Subsequently, digital marketers who are adept at social media marketing are in incredible demand right now…and the market will remain that way in the foreseeable future.


Businesses have realized that digital marketing is not just sharing their products on their whatsapp and TikTok

For long, entrepreneurs and even large organizations thought that you have done digital marketing when you share your products on social media..

The results?

Zero to negligible sales…..that is because as we teach in our digital marketing class, people do not come to social media to buy…..

far from that…..they come there to socialize. Period.

So if you want to sell via social media, you have to employ some smart strategies….and that is why they are not turning to digital marketing professionals with the knowhow to crack the social media marketing puzzle now.


About Kenya Online College digital marketing course in Nairobi, the Best digital marketing course in Kenya

There are many digital marketing courses in Nairobi but we can confidently assure you this: Nobody beats our online digital marketing course in Kenya..


Not only do you learn exactly what employers are looking for out there but it’s the most complete Digital marketing course in Kenya.

Yeah, we teach you everything from the ABC of digital marketing to the X,Y,Z of it all..from content production, SEO, YouTube and TikTok marketing, Practical Social Media marketing Tricks, and more.

Because we want to make you successful be it as a digital marketing professional in Kenya or while working for agencies abroad but also if you’re learning your own business and want to make money even when you’re sleeping through digital selling.

Plus, if you’re a firm/company whose staff are having challenges maneuvering the digital market (and you don’t want your competition to run away with your customers online), we can customize the training for you…and we can even come to train on site.

Remember we will award you a recognized certificate of completion after you’re done.

Plus, we will assign you projects when learning to see how well you employ what you have learned in class when it comes to a real business setup because we do not want you to come up half-baked!

We will even show you where to look for digital marketing jobs online – or send you for internship in some of the organizations we work with to help you get the required exposure!

In short, you don’t want to take any other digital marketing course…come to Kenya Online College, which is undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing schools in Kenya even among universities offering digital marketing courses in Kenya and see your life change. For the better!

Oh, and please forget about free digital marketing courses in Kenya ……

Yes, the truth is there’s not much to learn there apart from the basics (in any case, most are offered by foreign organizations which do not fully understand how the Kenya online market space works so you’re learning generic stuff)

Digital marketing course fees in Kenya

We have an introductory offer for the course for the first 10 will just pay Kshs.60000 (so you invest kshs.60000 (and you can pay in 4 monthly installments) and learn a course that can give you a good life (your entire lifetime).

Digital marketing course in Kenya requirements

We only want you to:

  • Have finished form 4 (C- for Diploma in Digital Marketing course)
  • Also be computer literate
  • Have a strong desire to succeed….we want students who want it badly enough (ours is to help take you to a beautiful career as a digital marketer)…do not forget that with the course, you can even be working from home or the beach (while sunbathing!).

How to enroll

Find us on whatsup 0797532345 (you can also call us on that number or email to find out when we are having an intake next.


Is digital marketing marketable in Kenya? – Recap

Digital marketing course in Kenya is a very marketable course going by the way we struggle to fill digital marketing vacancies that organizations and firms share with us.

Also, e-commerce is growing at an exponential rate in Kenya and that means there will be a remarkable rise in the demand for digital marketing professionals as business/organizations battle for a share of the online market.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find us on whatsup 0797532345 (you can also call us on that number or email to find out when we are having an intake next.


The Complete Digital Marketing Course – best digital marketing course in Kenya


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