Best Software Engineering Courses in Kenya

Code Your Way to Success: Master Full-Stack Development at Kenya Online College

Daydream about building cutting-edge apps, but worried traditional courses leave you underprepared? Kenya Online College’s Full-Stack Software Engineering program is your launchpad to a thriving tech career. We don’t just teach code – we equip you with in-demand, practical skills to land high-paying projects or secure prestigious full-time positions.

Why Kenya Online College’s Software Engineering Courses in Kenya

Here’s why our Software Engineering Courses in Kenya are different:

Project-Based Powerhouse:

Ditch theory overload! Our curriculum is a project playground. Build functional web applications from scratch, mastering front-end and back-end development simultaneously. Think Netflix clone, social media platform, or a sleek e-commerce store – the possibilities are endless!

Tech Stack Like a Pro:

Learn the tools that power the industry. We dive deep into essential languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including frameworks like React or Angular), and server-side powerhouses like Node.js. Don’t forget mastering popular databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL to manage your app’s data with ease.


Rockstar Mentorship:

Get personalized guidance from battle-tested software engineers. Our instructors are industry veterans who not only share expertise, but also industry best practices and insider tips to ace the job market.

Career Catalyst:

We go beyond graduation. Our dedicated team helps you craft a winning resume and portfolio, provides mock technical interviews, and connects you with potential employers.

Imagine this:

Months from now, you could be:

  • Freelancing on projects that excite you, commanding top dollar for your skills.
  • Landing your dream job at a leading tech company, building innovative products.
  • Living a life of freedom and flexibility, empowered by your newfound expertise.

This program is perfect for:

  • Go-getters with no prior coding experience who are passionate about technology.
  • Career changers looking to enter the booming software development field.
  • Current developers seeking to upskill and become full-stack engineers.

Ready to write your tech success story?

Enroll Today! Spots are limited.


Here’s a deeper look at our curriculum, designed to make you a coding rockstar:

  • Module 1: Web Development Foundations & Programming Fundamentals (4 weeks): Learn the building blocks of the web, master essential programming concepts, and get comfortable with your development environment.
  • Module 2: Front-End Development Deep Dive (6 weeks): Become a master of the user interface (UI) with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Build dynamic and interactive web pages that users will love. Dive into a popular front-end framework like React or Angular to create complex, single-page applications.
  • Module 3: Back-End Development Power-Up (6 weeks): Unleash the power of the server-side with Node.js and Express.js. Learn how to build APIs, handle user requests, and manage data efficiently.
  • Module 4: Database Management Mastery (4 weeks): Conquer the art of data storage and retrieval with popular relational databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL. Learn how to structure data effectively for optimal performance and security.
  • Module 5: Full-Stack Development Projects (8 weeks): Put your newfound skills to the test! Work on real-world, full-stack projects that showcase your abilities. Build and deploy your own web application, integrating all the skills you’ve learned.
  • Module 6: Career Launchpad (2 weeks): Polish your resume and portfolio to shine during your job search. Master technical interview skills with mock sessions and insider tips. Learn how to navigate the job market and land your dream tech role.

Fee structure

Front end development only– Kshs. 30,000 (3 months) [Installments: Kshs.10000 per month]

Full stack JavaScript-Kshs. 40,000 (3 months) [Installments: Kshs.20000, Kshs.10000, Kshs.10000 in consecutive months]

Full stack software development– Kshs. 150, 000 (7.5 Months) [Installments: Kshs.40000, Kshs.22000 per month for 5 consecutive months]

What next?

Download the Full Curriculum (with a detailed week-by-week breakdown)

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