Online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya [Apply now]

So, are there online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya? Well, the answer is a big yes..

And so below, i will share with you about online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya (from the kind of online jobs that pay an hourly rate to where to find online jobs that pay daily in Kenya –and rate is hourly)

So continue reading if you are searching for online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya

Online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya – the kind of jobs, where to find work, what you need to get hired, and more

Kind of Online jobs that pay hourly

In general, the most common types of Online jobs that pay hourly including online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya for students are the following:

Freelancing jobs

If you’re new to this, freelancing jobs are work opportunities where you (and we will be calling you a freelancer), offer your services to clients/companies primarily on a project-by-project arrangement..

In short, you won’t be tied to a rigid long-term employment contract and you instead often work independently and remotely for different clients across a range of industries.

Remote work

Remote work means you’re getting a long-term contract that allows you to work from home/anywhere else for an agreed number of hours daily/weekly/monthly.

Keep in mind that here rates are typically negotiated hourly.

So you can be a virtual receptionist for 20 hours a week for a company in the US at a rate you will have discussed and come to a consensus with your employer.

Online consulting (also called virtual consulting or e-consulting)

Lastly, the final group of jobs you can do online in Kenya and get paid hourly is Online consulting..

Allow me to explain a little about what you’ll be doing.

Now, here you’ll simply be providing professional expertise, advice, and guidance to small businesses, private individuals, or even huge organizations through several online platforms (think of Zoom and Microsoft Teams) and other digital communication tools such as Skype.

To make it clear, as an online consultant- and that means you already have solid knowledge in a certain area- you will be spending your days engaging people who need your services through:

  • Video conferencing
  • Telephone calls
  • Emails
  • Other virtual communication tools e.g. AnyDesk or Remote Viewer

So you can work as an online tax advisor, Book-keeper, English tutor, motivational speaker, etc.

Examples of online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya

Now let us turn our attention to the specific jobs you can do online in Kenya at an hourly pay rate and where to look for work..


Freelance Writing

You may have heard that many companies and entrepreneurs hire freelance writers to help them create content for their digital assets (websites, blogs, newsletters, and more).

So you can apply as a freelance writer- if you have good content writing skills- on platforms such as Upwork,, and Fiverr.

You may also sign up on platforms such as, writers HUB, 24writers, Writedom, and more and look for academic writing Gigs (Academic writing involves completing assignments and essays for students) from there.


Virtual Assistance

You can look at a VA(Virtual assistant) as an online secretary of some sort.

That is because you’ll be providing a plethora of administrative, technical, or support services to your clients remotely.

So which tasks?

Well, they are countless and include managing emails for your clients’ business, scheduling appointments, managing their social media accounts, and more.

Again you can register as a VA on Websites such as Upwork and…these often advertise virtual assistant positions that do not need experience.


Online Tutoring

If you’re solidly skilled in a specific subject/discipline, you can be offering online tutoring services to interested people through platforms such as and VIPKid.

Some of the subjects you can tutor learners in remotely are math, languages, science, and more.


Graphic Design

If you’re passionate about graphic design, then you can make money online by creating banners, logos, social media graphics, etc. (any marketing visual content) for small businesses and solopreneurs.

Go to websites like and Behance to showcase your unique work and search for clients.

Also, try Fiverr (create graphic design gigs first)


Programming and Web Development

If you have programming(coding) or above-average web development skills, consider selling services to clients who need websites, apps, or desktop software.

Good places to start your hunt for work are websites such as Toptal and

LinkedIn is another goldmine for Programming and Web Development gigs.


Translation Services

And might you be fluent in 2 or more languages?

If you answered in the affirmative, you can be hired as a tranlastor- and you’ll be translating documents, websites/blogs, and other content from one language to another.

Check Websites like TranslatorsCafé and ProZ for translation job opportunities.


Online Customer Support

We also have businesses from the Western world who hire online customer support representatives and they are worth trying too.

If you are not sure what it entails, you will simply be answering customer inquiries and solving any issues they have through online chat, emails, or calling.

Start your search at remote job boards like FlexJobs or check LinkedIn.

You can add Upwork and Fiverr to that list.


Content Creation Gigs

Apart from writing- and it is only what many Kenyans know about- you can create content like videos (for YouTube and TitTok) and podcasts for pay online.

Check LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour,, and FlexJobs for video editing gigs.

Do check jobboards such as We Work Remotely and too.

Of course, your first step is registering (creating an account) on the platform.


Tips to help you get online hourly-paying jobs in Kenya

Showcase your expertise

Create a strong, persuasive profile showcasing your top-notch skills and experience if you are targeting jobs at popular free-lancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr..

Most importantly, attach a link to your samples/portfolio.


Do not forget to network

Social Media can be handy too because Networking helps.

So take advantage of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X) to connect with prospective clients and employers depending on the niche you’re in.

Oh, and search for FaceBook groups that list the kind of jobs you’re looking for.

Here are some examples:


Do not ignore Online Classifieds and Forums

In Kenya, there are a few remote jobs posted on online classifieds websites/ forums like BrighterMonday and Pigiame so yes, check their remote job listings as well from time to time.


Online jobs that pay per hour in Kenya / free online jobs that pay daily in Kenya /online jobs that pay daily in Kenya  – final words

Remember that when it comes to pursuing online hourly jobs in Kenya, you need to present yourself professionally and also act in a pro way.

In other words, always deliver high-quality work (exceed expectations), and meet deadlines at all times.

That way, you will be able to attract very good reviews and that, in turn, leads to consistent work for you.

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