Earn money online and get paid through mpesa (up to Kshs.10000 a day)

Here’s is how to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa …Browse the 10 best jobs you can go for to earn money online and get paid through MPESA below

A common question we get from people who are venturing out into online work in Kenya for the first time is: And how will I receive my money?

Over time, we have come to learn that Kenyans transitioning to online work find it hard to believe that a client they have done an online gig for will actually pay them, considering that you won’t meet this person.

Well, it’s a very valid question to start with…

I mean, how do you trust that a Mrs. Brown somewhere in Lancanshire (where the hell is that BTW?) will actually remit your pay at the end of the contract and you have never been in such a situation before?

The good news is that everything to do with getting paid for your online sweat is pretty easy nowadays and it’s again thanks to Kenya’s most famous gift to the World- MPESA.

In short, nearly all online jobs will pay you via MPESA.

In fact, almost all big international money transfer platforms provide for a to-MPESA withdrawal option.

And that, friend is how most Kenyans who earn money online in Kenya get paid- you don’t need to wait for your funds to clear like before (we used to wait even for 3 days in the past!).

Even better, there are countless jobs you can engage in to earn Kshs online, right from the comfort of your sitting room, bedroom, or even the balcony (if you fancy some fresh air while working from home like yours truly).

Here are the jobs you can go for if you want to earn money online and get paid through MPESA. I should add that some of these gigs can earn you as much as Kshs.10000 a day!

Browse through and choose the gig that best suits you…

Earn money online and get paid through mpesa (how to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa) – 10 great opportunities for you

Online writing jobs in Kenya – freelance article writing gigs

If you and the written word have a thing going on, you can earn respectable sums from writing blog posts, white papers, eBooks, and more with MPESA.

Earnings can go up to kshs.100000 per month once you have mastered the art.

The best part? You don’t require in-depth English or previous writing experience to get started.

Of course, these two credentials may help but I have seen people from myriad backgrounds succeed in online writing jobs in Kenya with proper training and mentorship.

Our Complete Articles freelance writing course covers everything you need to succeed as a professional online freelance writer. Check it out.

PS: If you’re passionate about writing, you can also consider writing your own eBook to earn money online in Kenya.

You sell the eBook online via platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Payhip , Google Play Books, Muthurwa.com (local market), and more.

Our make money writing and selling eBooks online course can help kickstart your eBook writing online venture if this feels like it’s what you have been searching for.


Online marketing jobs in Kenya

Another way to get your MPESA bouncing with cash is by promoting stuff – both physical goods and services online.

Think about this: According to global internet usage tracking website InternetWorldStats.com , about 47 Million Kenyans use the internet locally, making Kenya one of the most internet-savvy countries in Africa.

To business, this represents a huge business opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of businesses are seeking professionals to help them reach new audiences online- they don’t want to miss the bus.

With the right internet marketing skills, you could be that professional.

Pay ranges from 25k-35k for starter positions working remotely (but full-time) for small businesses in Kenya

earn money online and get paid through mpesa

Better still, you can sell your internet marketing skills to foreign clients via platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr –you’re likely to command higher rates and you still get paid through MPESA.


If you feel that this is the route you’d like to take, consider these courses:


Become a VA (Virtual Assistant)

You can also get paid well online via MPESA by becoming a virtual assistant.

This is a versatile position that comes in many diverse forms.

For instance, you can specialize as a WordPress VA – you’ll be completing various tasks on wordpress websites including uploading and optimizing content, SEO-related jobs, and more.

You may also focus on simpler gigs such as managing e-mail accounts for clients, monitoring social media handles for your employer (as a social media VA), or even basic spreadsheet tasks (using MS Excel/Google Sheets App.), to name just a few.

Pay is mostly hourly – starting at an average of $5 (Kshs.500) per hour- though some clients offer a monthly salary (you work full-time for them).

This is another pretty much lucrative niche if you have the required skills.

Check out Kenya Online College’s Virtual assistant Training– the complete course to get a better idea of what VAs do.

how to earn money online in kenya via mpesa

Hunt for transcription jobs in Kenya and abroad

Here you’re paid to transcribe audio recordings (you listen and type what is being said) from corporate, medical, and legal clients.

In a nutshell, transcription is not as tough as jobs like App development (more on this later) or online book-keeping and is, in general, one of the friendliest online jobs in Kenya for students looking for a side hustle.

Payments are mostly weekly, and you may earn up to about $25 (kshs.2500) for every audio hour you have transcribed during the week.

Sites that hire include TranscribeMe and Rev. though direct clients offer improved rates.

We recommend our Transcription training in Kenya- The complete Transcription Course for beginners.


Become a Blogger

Here you start your own website and pump content to help your website rank in search engines like Google- you’ll be your own boss.

Once you get good traffic, you can apply to Online Ad Networks such as Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavane, and more or choose to concentrate on other income streams such as affiliate marketing (pays better).

Overall, most people start making income within the first 6 months.

More importantly, this is one of the best paying online ventures…

Established Kenyan bloggers- professionals with their own websites, not the random social media commentators who Kenyans mistake for bloggers- regularly earn more than Kshs.10000 daily especially on good days.

The most interesting bit? You will be earning passively at some point- with good content, your website will be paying you daily without you touching it. And it can pay you for life, as long as your niche remains relevant.

Now you know how Tuko, Ghafla, Pulselive and other blogs make money online in Kenya.

Does this sound like something you can try? If yes, check out our How to become a blogger in Kenya – the complete blogging course


Become an Online Graphic Designer

If you have a good eye for design, then you can also earn money online and get paid through MPESA.

You get paid to design websites, marketing materials including brochures, and logos for businesses or to design custom t-shirts/clothing.

You can start on a platform such as CafePress where you access an established client base or freelance as a designer on sites such as Fiverr.

This is a smart way to make money if you’re creative and can work with software such as Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and the like!


Become a YouTuber and make Millions!

The Digital media is teeming with opportunities if you’re a go-getter and it could be YouTube that unlocks your millions.

For example, if you follow Njugush on YouTube, you may not be aware that you and others have helped him and his spouse, Wakavinye earn over Ksh. 22 Million (source) since they opened their channel in 2014.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a comedian or even an artist to make money on YouTube- all you need is interesting and helpful content and you could be on your way to joining the millionaires club.

Take for example Maxine Wabosha,  an upcoming African beauty who has been teaching Kenyan youths the art of applying  make-up for the most gorgeous looks.

Her channel, Beauty by Wabosha rakes in about KShs. 300000 monthly on average and her audience is growing fast meaning she could soon be making triple this amount (or more)!

In truth, there are tons of other YouTubers making over kshs.100000 in Kenya silently from channels they started as a hobby.

In short, you should consider YouTube if want to earn money online and get paid through MPESA.

Check out our YouTube Course to get started.

Open an online shop in Kenya and become the new Jumia!

What about starting an online shop? Think Jumia, Kilimall, Mamamike, and more.

This can be a fantastic opportunity since you even don’t need to have a physical shop to do it.

In fact, you can start with nearly zero capital.

You simply advertise products – you just need some good photos- and only buy them for resale after receiving cash from your buyers.

To cut the long story short, online shopping is the future in Kenya and there has never been a better time to start!

If you don’t understand how this works, learn how to start an online shop in Kenya first.

Find online accounting jobs in Kenya

If you’re a trained accountant or book-keeper, you don’t need to look any further- thousands of accounting gigs are posted online every day and the pay can be excellent.

While an increasing number of companies and small businesses are turning to online accounting freelancers to have their books done locally, you’re likely to get better opportunities by focusing on foreign businesses/entrepreneurs.

Note that these jobs are ideal for those with a CPA background.

earn money online in kenya

Check out our Online accounting jobs in Kenya- The complete beginner course to learn more.

Earn money online and get paid through MPESA from paid surveys Kenya

If you want to do this as a side hustle and perhaps you want a way of earning from your phone, perhaps the easiest way to earn money online and get paid through MPESA is by doing surveys.

So, what the heck is an online survey?

Well, it’s simply a structured questionnaire that is mostly used by researchers to collect data about brands, specific products, or even particular topics (surveys are conducted on nearly any topic under the sun).

The questions are sent to you in an online form that you fill out and you’re paid on submission.

If you want to make money this way, target survey apps that pay through MPESA such as opinion space, PaidViewPoint, Triaba (they were paying about Ksh. 325 per successful survey last time we checked), etc.

Also consider apps offering paid online surveys in Kenya such as Earnsmart, Swagbucks, Survey Police, Geopoll Survey,and Simba Survey though some pay via Paypal directly.

The only downside is that you may not earn much here since a lot of people target online survey jobs in Kenya because they’re super simple.

How to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa – Wrap up

So, that’s how to make money online in Kenya through MPESA – 10 different ways that pay reasonably.

Needless to say, there are other jobs worth considering including working as an online software developer, Teaching English online to non-English speakers, online photography (you make by selling your spectacular photos online)….we can go on and on.

Do your homework and pick a job that best matches your interests and proceed to pursue it- you can never know if it’s worth it until you start.

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