Best digital marketing schools in Kenya

If you have tried learning any course on your own, then you know what a hustle it can be.

More so if you don’t have a good course outline. Not to mention if you don’t have a proven way to test and practice what you’re learning.

The same also applies to learning digital marketing.

That is why, we have compiled a list of the best digital marketing schools in Kenya to help you make your decision.

Best digital marketing schools in Kenya

Psst… Towards the end of this post, we shall tell you how we arrived at these schools being the best in teaching digital marketing.

We shall also give you some quick tips you can use when selecting the right school for you.

But before that, here are our choices of the best digital marketing schools:

1.      Kenya Online College

Imagine how good you’d be at something if you learned it from a team of the best experts.

And, what if they taught you practically (by showing you how to implement what you are learning)? No more theory.

You would be unstoppable. Right?

Well, that’s what makes Kenya Online College the best digital marketing school in Kenya.

We are comprised of digital marketing gurus with years of experience in the industry.

And, we teach using a hands-on approach.

What’s more, we offer one-on-one training (3 hours/day).

This means even if you’re a busy professional, you can still learn digital marketing from us without having to interrupt your work schedule.

In addition, we partner with some leading Kenyan businesses that are in need of fresh talent.

In other words, you’ll get internships to showcase your skills giving you the opportunity to land a full-time job upon graduation depending on your performance!

To sum it up, if you learn digital marketing at Kenya Online College, you will:

  • Gain practical experience.
  • Have your own published portfolio upon graduation.
  • Get a chance to interact with potential employers and other digital marketing experts.
  • Learn while still working at your current job.

In addition, once you complete our course, we will offer you an accredited certificate you can use to boost your CV.

So, where can you find us?

We are based at Arcade House, 2nd Floor, off Moi Avenue, next to Meridian Hotel, Nairobi.

Our course outline

We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date course outline.

That said, here are some the different digital marketing units you will learn if you enroll with us:

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Building and understanding websites
  3. Content marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  6. Pay-Per-Click advertising
  7. Email marketing
  8. Web analytics & measurement
  9. E-commerce marketing
  10. Influencer marketing
  11. Video marketing
  12. Marketing Automation using AI
  13. Building a digital marketing portfolio
  14. Freelancing in digital marketing and more

Other course details

Mode of study:                 One-on-one

Intakes:                                Every two months

Course duration:              16 weeks (4 months)

Fees:                                     Ksh. 60,000 (15,000/- per month)

How you can apply

Forget about filling pages and pages of paper, or photocopying all your certificates and documents in the name of applying.

At Kenya Online College, we make your application easy.

To apply, just email us at, call us on +254 797 532 345, or fill our online application form.

Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at Arcade House, 2nd floor, off Moi Avenue, next to Meridian Hotel.

2.      Kenya School of Marketing (KSM)

First, we’d like to give a nod to the team at KSM.

They’ve done a good job of combining traditional marketing approaches with digital marketing.

In addition, they have heavily invested in a state-of-the-art ICT lab where they normally teach their digital marketing course.

What is taught

According to their course outline, they teach the following digital marketing units:

  1. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO & SEM)
  2. Social Media Optimization & Marketing (SMO & SMM)
  3. Web analytics
  4. Email marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Lead nurturing

Summary of other course details

Mode of study:                 On-premise

Intakes:                                January, May, & September

Course duration:              1 semester (4 months)

Fees:                                     Ksh. 96,000

3.      DigiStride Academy

The Nairobi-based DigiStride Academy was started in 2018.

And over the years, it has been getting quite some good reviews from its alumni.

The major selling point of their digital marketing course is that they allow you to specialize in one field alone.

Modules offered

DigiStride Academy has split its digital marketing program into three modules depending on what you want to specialize in.

And these modules are:

  1. Social Media Marketing & Optimization (SMM & SMO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEM & SEO)
  3. E-mail Marketing & Copywriting

Summary of other course details

Mode of study:                 Online & on-premise

Intakes:                                Ongoing

Course duration:              45 days per module

Fees:                                     Ksh. 45,000 per module

Some tips to help you decide which digital marketing school is best for you

1.      The type of classes they offer

Choosing a school that also offers one-on-one classes is a good choice as this allows you to learn with a hands-on approach.

Remember, digital marketing is a practical course hence the need for practical learning.

Not forgetting that this will help you create a portfolio you can use in marketing yourself upon graduation.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to better network with other industry professionals.

2.      Their flexibility

If you are a busy professional, it goes without saying you might not be in a position to attend day classes.

That being so, consider choosing a school that offers part-time classes too.

At Kenya Online College, we teach our digital marketing course on a part-time basis (3 hours/day). This way, you can learn digital marketing while still working.

3.      Their trainers

To ensure you get the best training, choose a school that is taught by industry experts.

What other better way to become good at digital marketing than learning from the masters themselves? People who have worked in the digital marketing field for years…

Just as a reminder, our team of trainers has worked (and continues to work) in our digital marketing agency.

In other words, we teach you the raw practical digital marketing skills we use on a day-to-day basis.


Now, you might note that we have not mentioned tuition fees.

This is because we believe that education is an investment with a good ROI.

In other words, it’d be better to pay for something expensive and be good at it than pay for a cheap course only to come out with little practical skills.

Best digital marketing schools in Kenya – wrapping it up

There are other good schools like Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), Nairobi that offer online digital marketing lessons.

However, nothing beats attending physical classes especially if you are a beginner.

This is because digital marketing is a practical course and the more practice you have, the better you become at it.

That said, to apply to our digital marketing course (or for inquiries), contact us through these means:


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