Colleges offering photography courses in Kenya

If you are looking to learn how you can capture the essence of Kenya through your lens, here’s a list of some of the best colleges offering photography courses in Kenya.

In addition, I shall tell you their course requirements, intakes, course duration, their fees, and more.

Colleges offering photography courses in Kenya

Here are the schools we have found to be offering the best photography courses within Kenya (plus what makes them the best).

1.      Kenya Online College

When talking about the best photography schools in Kenya, it’s near impossible to leave out Kenya Online College.

To start with, the institution has heavily invested in its state-of-the-art photography studio – it looks like a shot from a photographer’s dream.

In addition, their computer lab is well equipped with powerful and fast computers installed with powerful photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

But most importantly, their team of trainers consists of professional photographers who have been in the field for years.

And one thing we like about these trainers is their full hands-on training techniques… From day one, you will have a camera in your hand as you continue learning.

Now think of how much you will gain from this practical experience.

And here’s the icing on the cake: The trainers regularly give different photography projects to their students.

This way, they ensure that upon graduation, the students already have a good portfolio they can use in marketing themselves.

Furthermore, you’ll be taught about freelancing as a photographer and photography licensing which can earn you tons of money online.

In short, their trainers make sure that you are well equipped to make the most of your photography skills by the time you leave the institute.

Another reason you should enroll for a photography course at Kenya Online College is how comprehensive their course is.

If you don’t believe me, have a look:

Photography course outline at Kenya Online College (what you will learn)

Module What the module entails
Introduction to photography
  • The essentials of photography
  • Types of photography
  • Camera basics and functions
  • Camera kits and equipment
Understanding light and exposure
  • Properties of light
  • Exposure triangle
  • Metering techniques
  • Balancing exposure manually
Composition techniques
  • Rule of thirds
  • Leading lines
  • Framing and cropping
Aperture and depth of field
  • Aperture basics
  • Depth of field control
  • Creative aperture use
Shutter speed and motion
  • Shutter speed fundamentals
  • Motion blur techniques
  • Freezing motion
ISO and sensitivity
  • ISO introduction
  • Noise and grain
  • ISO in low light
White balance and color temperature
  • White balance concepts
  • Color temperature adjustments
  • Custom white balance
Lens types and focal lengths
  • Lens overview
  • Focal length characteristics
  • Lens selection for different subjects
Portrait photography
  • Posing techniques
  • Lighting for portraits
  • Environmental portraits
Landscape photography
  • Composition in landscapes
  • Natural lighting
  • Filters and accessories
Still life and product photography
  • Arrangement and styling
  • Lighting techniques
  • Product presentation
Street and documentary photography
  • Capturing moments
  • Candid photography
  • Storytelling through images
Other types of photography 
  • Wedding photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Food photography
  • Macro photography
  • Product photography
  • Underwater photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Astrophotography
Studio lighting techniques
  • Studio equipment overview
  • Lighting setups
  • Portraiture lighting
Image editing and post-processing
  • Introduction to editing software
  • Working with raw images
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Advanced retouching
  • Mounting, matting, and framing
Photography freelancing and making money online
  • Introduction to freelancing
  • Building your portfolio
  • Marketing yourself as a photographer
  • Finding clients and networking
  • Pricing strategies and negotiation
  • Online platforms for selling photos
  • Stock photography and licensing
Photography ethics and copyright
  • Ethical considerations
  • Copyright laws
  • Protecting your work

Photography course requirements

  • A minimum KCSE grade of D- (D minus)
  • Basic computer skills

Summary of other course details

Mode of study:                 In-person & online

Duration:                             3 months

Intakes:                                Every first Monday of the month

Fees:                                     Ksh. 30,000 (10,000/- per month)

Side note: The fees covers the following:

  • Tuition
  • Practicals and labs i.e shoots and editing
  • Classes on how to earn online as a photographer
  • Mentorship by industry leaders
  • Networking & industry linkage facilitation fees
  • Certification fee

How to enroll for the photography course at Kenya Online College

To book your slot in the next intake, call/WhatsApp their student liaison office on 0797 532 345.

Alternatively, you can fill out their online application form and the team will get back to you.

2.      DigiStride Academy

One thing we like about DigiStride is how well they have invested in their photography studio… They have everything a photographer needs from different cameras and accessories to lighting equipment and props.

But most importantly, their computer lab is well equipped with Adobe Photoshop – a professional photo-editing software.

If you enroll for their course, here’s what you can expect to learn (from the course outline on their website):

  • Camera basics and lens types
  • Shutter speed, ISO, sensitivity, and aperture
  • Exposure and proper lighting techniques
  • Portrait, landscape, street, and documentary photography
  • Image editing and post-production techniques
  • Photography ethics and copyright laws

Summary of other course details

Mode of study:                 In-person

Duration:                             3 ½ months

Fees:                                     Ksh. 54,000

Intake:                                  January, May, and September

3.      Digital Horizon Institute

Digital Horizon Institute is another good place to learn photography.

For starters, the institute has heavily invested in its photography studio.

Not to mention that most of its trainers are well-known photographers.

That being said, here’s what their photography course covers:

  • Introduction to camera settings, lenses, and focal lengths
  • Exposure & lighting techniques
  • Advanced camera settings
  • Portrait, landscape, wedding, street, and product photography
  • Image editing and other post-production techniques
  • Ethics and copyright in photography

Summary of other course details

Mode of study:                 In-person

Duration:                             4 months

Fees:                                     Ksh. 48,000

Intake:                                  January, May, and September

Parting shots on colleges offering photography courses in Kenya

Ready to take the next step and unlock your potential as a professional photographer?

Book your seat at the best photography school in Kenya (Kenya Online College) by calling/whatsapping their student liaison office on 0797 532 345!

Alternatively, you can fill out their online application form.


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