Colleges offering videography in Kenya

Videography is among the most in-demand skills and the demand is increasing by the day. This is fueled by the need for more social media videos by businesses.

To this end, if you are looking to learn videography, you sure want to learn from the best.

And to point you in the right direction, here are some colleges offering the best videography courses in Kenya.

Colleges offering videography in Kenya

Here are the best schools and colleges to learn videography in Kenya (plus what makes them the best):

1.      Kenya Online College

Kenya Online College stands out for its commitment to equipping its students with the necessary skills they need to thrive in the field.

To achieve this, the institute has employed some renowned Kenyan videographers who train the students through a hands-on learning approach.

Furthermore, learning from these industry experts ensures that you are getting the most-sought after videography skills.

But most importantly, the curriculum is project-based – you’ll be working on real-world projects.

These projects will help you create a portfolio you can use to showcase your talent both before and after graduation.

Now, if you are wondering why I say before graduation, let me let you on a little secret.

Kenya Online College has partnered with some leading videography companies in Kenya where their students intern.

And, this offers unparalleled industry connections that you can bank on even before you graduate.

Of course, this makes it easier for you to land a videography or film-related job upon graduation.

On the other hand, if you are a free bird, their curriculum will also help you establish yourself as a freelance videographer.

You will learn this through the monetization program which shows you the different means you can use to make money as a videographer.

This includes offering video editing services for international clients!

To top it all, Kenya Online College is among the few institutions that offer flexible online learning tailored for busy individuals.

This means you can pursue your videography passion at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

While I cannot do enough justice to how excellent the videography course at Kenya Online College is, I can give you a glimpse of what you can expect to learn if you take their course…

Videography course outline at Kenya Online College – what you will learn


What the module entails

Introduction to videography
  • Basics of camera operation
  • Understanding camera accessories
  • Understanding light and composition
Camera techniques
  • Camera settings and controls
  • Framing and composition techniques
  • Depth of field and focus
  • Motion techniques
  • Advanced camera movements
Audio recording (sound design)
  • Microphone types and placement
  • Recording techniques
  • Audio editing basics
  • Sound design principles
  • Mixing and mastering audio
  • Lighting equipment overview
  • Basic lighting setups
  • Advanced lighting techniques
  • Color temperature and white balance
Editing software
  • Introduction to editing software
  • Editing basics
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Visual effects and motion graphics
  • Color correction and grading
Storytelling and narrative
  • Understanding narrative structure
  • Scriptwriting for video
  • Visual storytelling techniques
  • Character development in video
Specialization topics
  • Documentary filmmaking
  • Music videos
  • Corporate videography
  • Event videography
  • YouTube and TikTok video creation
  • Drone videography
  • Experimental videography techniques
Portfolio development
  • Selecting and editing clips
  • Showreel creation
  • Presenting your work
  • Building an online presence as a videographer
Industry insights and career development
  • Freelancing vs. Employment
  • Networking and self-promotion
  • Marketing and branding yourself as a videographer
  • Building a sustainable career in videography
  • Project management skills
Ethics and legal considerations in videography
  • Copyright and fair use
  • Privacy issues in videography
  • Professional conduct in videography

Videography course requirements in Kenya

  • Basic computer skills
  • A minimum grade of D- (D minus) in KCSE

More course details

Mode of study:                 Both on-premises and online

Duration:                             3 months

Intake:                                  Every first Monday of the month

Fees:                                     Ksh. 45,000 (15,000/- month)

How to apply for the videography course at Kenya Online College

To maintain quality training, the institute only admits 20 students per cohort in their video production cohort.

To book your slot, get in touch with their student liaison office by calling/whatsapping them on 0797 532 345!

Alternatively, you can fill out their online application form and the team will get back to you.

One more thing, the institute is offering a 10% discount for the May 2024 cohort – enroll today to take advantage of this discount!

Tip: The discount is only valid till April 30th, 2024.

2.      Digital Horizon Institute

When we talk about good videography schools in Kenya, it’s hard to leave out Digital Horizon Institute.

After all, the institution also employs some recognizable names in the videography field as tutors.

This means that you’ll be learning through a hands-on approach from some industry titans.

Having said that, here’s what you will learn if you enroll in the videography course at Digital Horizon Institute:

  • Camera operation
  • Lighting and sound design
  • Drone videography
  • Video editing fundamentals using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Color grading and correction
  • Video scriptwriting
  • Ethical issues in videography

More course details

Mode of study:                 On-premises

Duration:                             4 months

Fees:                                     Ksh. 72,000 (18,000/- month)

Intake:                                  January, May, and September

3.      Horizon Heights College

One thing we like about the institute is how it has heavily invested in video production accessories.

In addition, the institute is also upgrading its ICT lab with more powerful computers that can handle editing large video files without a breeze.

This will come in handy for students who do not have laptops that they can practice video editing on.

When it comes to the course, Horizon Heights College has subdivided their videography course into these 5 modules:

  • Film and television production
  • Corporate, documentary, and event videography
  • Social media and music videography
  • Sound design
  • Video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro

More course details

Mode of study:                 On-premises

Duration:                             1 month per module

Fees:                                     Ksh. 20,000 per module

Intake:                                  Every first Monday of the month

Colleges offering videography in Kenya – parting words

If you are ready to learn practical videography from some of the biggest names in the market, then Kenya Online College is the place to be.

Remember, they have a 10% discount for the May 2024 cohort – take advantage of this offer by booking your slot on 0797 532 345!

You can also enroll online here.

Remember, Kenya Online College offers limited spaces (20 students per cohort) in their video production school.

So, the earlier you book your slot, the better.


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