How to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa [2024]

In this article, we shall look at how to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa

That’s because quite a number of you guys have been asking us to guide them about how to make money online in Kenya through mpesa.

So your day has finally come (Can I hear some claps!)…..below  is how to earn money online via mpesa in Kenya

Go through these various ways and see which sounds easy and most practical to you and start on it…remember that taking action is the most important thing!

How to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa – the best online ways to make money in Kenya via Mpesa

Now, the best way to earn money via mpesa online in Kenya is to think long-term..

By that I mean you learn a skill (there are numerous you can learn quite fast) and then start marketing the services you learn to offer (based on that skill) for cash.

In short, the most dependable way is – Assuming you already access a laptop/desktop- paying for an internet subscription(monthly) and learning any of these skills…


Graphic design

earn money online and get paid through mpesa

You’ll be coming up with logos, brochures, banners, flyers, and many other types of marketing materials (including social media materials) for clients.

Moving on, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw are some of the helpful software you can learn here.

Toptotal, 99designs, Peopleperhour, Fiverr, And Designcrowd are some of the places you can look for work.

Indeed, you can be creating designs on and then sell then on (it’s not really hard)


Web design (UX/UI Design)

earn money online via mpesa

You’ll be creating websites for clients.

WordPress, Wix, HTML and CSS, PHP, and Mysql are some of the software/apps you can learn to work with as a web-designer.

On the other hand, UI/UX designer help make web and mobile assets (websites, apps, and more), more immersive and interactive.

By the way, great UX designers are hired even by companies permanently (they often first meet these companies on freelance platforms such as Upwork).

For UI/UX design, learn Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Adobe Photoshop,, Adobe XD, Sketch, and Invision Studio at least- you can do that at SimpliLearn.

Regarding work, check Peopleperhour, Fiverr, and Upwork.



earn money online in kenya to your mpesa in 5 minutes

Learn programming languages such as Ruby, Python, SQL, C++, Javascript, Kotlin, HTML, and CSS and start looking for app development/web-development Gigs on talent marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork.

I should add that you can go to Khan Academy and learn online for free (or attend a local college like Moringa School)

Be sure to create a solid portfolio before you go out looking for jobs..people want to see what you can do before they can hire you.

Watch this video (if you want proof that it works)


Copywriting (article writing)

how to make money online in kenya through mpesa without paying

Freelance writing(if you’re a good writer)…

And you look for jobs on platforms such as Fiverr and UpWork and even ProBlogger and get paid via Paypal (later transfer your Paypal earnings to Mpesa)




how to make money online and get paid through mpesa

An animation designer’s role is to create beautiful animated designs and/or amazing visual effects for media like websites, movies, and video games.

So it can be good for you if you see yourself as a creative.

Now, can be a nice starting point when looking for animation jobs.

Upwork is also there.

So is Toptal, Dribbble, and Behance.



A bit technical SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is but well-paying if you master it…

Please read more about learning SEO from search engine land.

SMM(Social Media Marketing)

how can i earn money online via mpesa in kenya

Do not be afraid to broadcast to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that you really know your thing when it comes to selling stuff on Social Media..

You see, many small business owners perform poorly when selling on social media or have a lot in their hands so you can take over the role easily as long as you’re better than them at it (Facebook, TikTok, IG, Twitter, etc.)

So meet them in their shops and online and tell them (Hey! Here comes you social media marketer)..find a way of charging (either a retainer per  month or commission per sale)

Virtual PA (VA-Virtual Assistant) or Online PA

how can i earn money from mpesa online

Earnings depend on factors like the person and workload but you can make more than Kshs.1000 per day mostly for short term gigs (More when it comes to projects that have more workload e.g. preparing a series of presentations for the person who hires you or managing their IG-Instagram- handle).

About becoming a VA

The first question: Do you need some special skills?

Well, not really but knowing your way around a computer will do you a world of good.


Because you’ll be handling basic computer tasks- preparing spreadsheets and/or presentations, replying to emails/messages from a ChatBot, Designing social media graphics (Using Canva or PhotoShop), Booking things online (e.g. Booking a flight ticket), planning meetings, researching prices of or buying items they need online, etc………. Literally assisting

And you must have good planning skills because doing things on time and in an orderly way is super important.

The best thing?

Most clients will tutor you at the beginning- they will take you through what they need.

From there go to YouTube and search for and watch videos related to what your client is asking for…There’s a good chance you’ll be fine after that.

Next, how exactly do you search for clients?

Well, social media for a start…advertise out there that you can help them run their small errands online(editing TikTok videos, Scheduling social media posts, Making calls and/or confirming appointments, and more).

Better still, consider creating an account on Fiverr/Upwork (check r/upwork) /PayPerHour and start hunting for Gigs- remember at Fiverr, you must create Gigs(marketing your VA services).

In addition, I used to find some good gigs on LinkedIn for the few months I worked as a VA.

Finally, post on r/slavelabour  that you’re a VA out there looking for work (and charge cheaply at the beginning).

Of course, things will be easier when you start to get work provided that you persuade clients to give you 5-star reviews (they’ll do that voluntarily if you do great work).

Quick Tip: Learn how to create Web stories for bloggers as a VA and specialize with it….more website owners are now embracing web stories and not many VAs know about it

how to earn money online through mpesa

Don’t also forget that becoming a video editor VA for clients in need of freelancers to help them create FaceBook and Instagram Reels, TikToks, Youtube (shorts and normal videos), etc. can also be lucrative…so consider learning video editing too


How to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa – more ways worth trying

Earning money online from Jiji

how to make money online and get paid instantly

Another way of making money online in Kenya and getting paid via Mpesa is Jiji..

How does it work?

Now, you see those photos you see on Jiji (marketing the products on Jiji), there can be an easy ticket to quick mpesa deposits for you..

Tell me more…

This is what you do my friend:

First, you need to be committed and present around Nairobi CBD.

Next, find items you can sell- just research on what’s moving fast on Jiji- and approach dealers/shops selling them cheaply.

Now negotiate and strike a deal with them.

For example, look for a 9″ (inch) Angle grinder at a good price -I saw it selling at Kshs.6500 in some shops and the same selling at Kshs.9500.

Needless to say, you can get several items that way.

Next, create a Jiji Account then Pay the Kshs. 3200.00 monthly subscription fee (to have your items shown top).

After that, create Ads on Jiji advertising what you have decided to be selling there and post them.

What I like about Jiji is that they have an excellent customer Care program and you can always call to ask for help if you get stuck.

Online book-keeping (if you have background in accounting)

how to make money online and get paid through mobile money

Oh, and there are a few other potentially well-paying online ways of making money including online book-keeping (Filing KRA returns online for SMEs/individuals)- you can simply search for remote accounting tasks here

Becoming a social media influencer

Also becoming a social media influencer- which means you build a big following on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever might take time especially if you’re not a comedian but it’s a reliable way too.

Data entry, Online surveys, translation services

You can try tasks like Data entry, Online surveys, translation services, and the like

Problem is, simple to do jobs like Data entry and Online surveys are not that great…

Yeah, I know they are legit and pay easily to your Mpesa but it’s’ll be lucky to earn something significant.

Maybe transcription (listening to videos and typing what is being said) can work… to understand how it works, read more about our transcription course in Kenya.

How to earn money online in Kenya via mpesa – wrapping it up

So as you can see, you don’t have to start sending funny messages like this: “tuma kwa hi namba” just to random phone numbers or go to OnlyFans…no…just be prepared to put in effort and your mpesa will never stop beeping with those heartwarming cash messages.


For complex tasks like web-design, online writing, programming, video editing, and many others that pay well, you need to invest in a course not to mention it usually takes time to master things.

That should not be a problem because, in the end, you could earn a full-time income from them..

About transferring your money to Mpesa, Apps such as Skrill and Paypal allow you to do that quickly and easily so it’s not really a big deal (because most of the platforms that provide the above online jobs pay mainly via Paypal/ Skrill.

Reminder 1: If you love shortcuts, you may sadly not make money in Kenya online via mpesa since the best ways – as explained above- can be quite tiring (at least at the beginning)…

Reminder 2: We teach all of these make money online skills at Kenya Online College so speak to us and let us see how we can help you make money online while you’re in Kenya.

how to make money online in kenya through mpesa

how to earn money online in kenya via mpesa

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