Online jobs in Kenya that pay kshs 10000 per day

This article is all about online jobs in Kenya that pay kshs 10000 per day (do not listen to those that tell you it is impossible…it is very possible as you’ll learn below)..

Online jobs in Kenya that pay kshs 10000 per day

Affiliate marketing

To do affiliate marketing, you need either a website- and this is what I prefer- or a good following on social media or even YouTube

But what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Well, in short, it is promoting products/services from leading companies/businesses on their behalf- on your digital properties (website/social media platform/YouTube)- and you earn a commission.

Now, if you’re to go the website route, having good writing skills can be priceless because you first need to publish content that is relevant and good enough to pull sufficient traffic.

Remember it is those reading through your website that you want to make purchases of what you’re promoting for you to make money online in Kenya.

But don’t lose hope if you’re not a good writer- you can always look for some cash and hire writers to come up with good quality content.

I should mention that setting up the website itself isn’t very difficult- most of us use wordpress to create our websites and it’s quite an easy-to-use web creation platform.

Of course, you need to buy a good domain name and a hosting package for your website before then.

Don’t forget that you can as well pay a web developer to do a simple wordpress website for you- I have seen guys charging as little as Kshs.7500 for a straightforward wordpress website

As regards the alternatives- social media and YouTube-  you can only succeed if you have amassed a big following (from several thousands to hundreds of thousands… The bigger, the better.

Which means it’s something you can start doing immediately if you’re popular on social media.

Something you need to understand is that most of the companies that accept affiliates have a really simple application process- you just need to fill out a form online- and approval happens within hours.

Just know that locally the best one to start with is Jumia- I have worked with them and was pocketing between kshs.10000-kshs.20000 and I have to say I wasn’t that serious.

Indeed, more serious Jumia affiliate marketers in Kenya earns over Kshs.100,000 monthly…one of my friends earn as much as Kshs.200000


Forex trading

Another way is by trading in Forex.

This simply involves buying and selling Foreign currencies (US Dollar, Japanese Yen, the Euro, Sterling pound, Swiss franc, and more).

Is Forex trading easy? Not at all- you need to first learn the basics including doing Fundamental and Technical analysis.

Learning Forex is actually the best way to avoid losing money- I have to say that a lot of newbies end up losing their investment due to lack of proper knowledge.

And I have to emphasize that Forex trading is highly risky- you could lose everything, if you don’t trend with care.

The good thing is that it is one of the online opportunities you can pursue from your phone- many people do Forex from their smartphones in Kenya and they are doing just fine.


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Sell a skill

Perhaps one of the most dependable ways of making kshs 10000 online in Kenya is by selling a skill (something you are good at).


#1 – Online Writing

You can make good money writing articles for the internet (Article writing) or doing assignments and a wide range of coursework/classwork for students( Academic writing), especially if you have a team working under you.

Again some training may be necessary if you’re very new- and you need a computer to do writing.

Note that it’s important to have above average English skills to excel as an online writer.


How much do online writers make in Kenya? The truth revealed…


#2- Video editing

Another skill that is in great demand these days is Video editing.

You see, there are videos all over the internet- from YouTube to Tiktok- and those who create them need help editing them.

Rates are significantly higher than the basic wage in Kenya and top-rated video editors earn six figures from their gigs, working for clients from western countries.

Jobs are available on freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, PayPerHour, and more.

Of course, you want to get trained first(if you haven’t done so yet).

Besides, make sure you compile a good portfolio showcasing your projects because prospective clients need to see what you’re capable of before contracting you.


#3-Teach English online

You may also consider using your impressive grammar skills to make money online in Kenya..this time I suggest you try tutoring English via the internet to learners from across the globe.

Concerning where to get work, apply to platforms such as Skooli, VIPKid, Preply, iTutorGroup, QKids, English Hunt, Whales English, etc.- you simply need to create an account then proceed from there.

Rates are hourly, for the most part, so the more hours you teach, the more you’ll take home.

Creating and selling informational products

You might be aware that we are now deep into what is popularly called the Information Age.

If you’re a newbie, it simply means that these days, information has become more valuable than Gold, Oil, and all those assets that traditionally used to make people rich.

And that’s where I’m seeing immense opportunity if you’re searching for ways to make Kshs 10000 online in Kenya daily.

Look at it this way:

If someone wants to know how to train their Chihuahua to use the Potty, where do they go first for the information? Is it to the vet or an experienced pet handler or do they Google?

You guessed right…We all tend to Google first.

It is the same case for a new poultry farmer who wants to know how and when to administer various vaccines to their birds…they’ll Google first.

So this is what you can do to make money from selling information…

Depending on your passions or what you know, you can:

Write a detailed e-Book about a certain topic and promote it aggressively.

You can do that on social media or even on e-commerce websites such as Jiji in Kenya.


Create a video series on whatever topic/area and again advertise your Videos

You can, for example market “Potty training videos for Chihuahua puppy” online..

By the way you can, at the beginning, rely on Social media to get sales (as long as you have enough followers)


Launch a YouTube channel where people can learn whatever you want to teach

Here you can offer some videos for free – Think of a YouTube channel talking about how to make money from Bitcoin trading in Kenya- but then you have some more detailed ones that you share with people who pay a fee you have set.

Another way of making money from your YouTube channel once it has grown is by adding Google Ads (Google will approve you if you have nice content).

You see?

And because information, as they say, is power, there are people out there who are willing to pay you any amount to get their hands on useful information.


Selling art

If you’re an artist or you can source beautiful art from artists (or even unique crafts like Maasai stuff), you can make loads of money selling different art pieces online on platforms like Etsy.

See the screenshot I took below – you can see the prices guys have quoted for items like Maasai rungu and belts…

online jobs in kenya that pay ksh 10,000 per day

Please Google “how to make money from etsy in Kenya” to see how you can start a shop on Etsy selling arts and crafts.


Build a helpful app, put it in Google Playstore and make money

There’s another option: building a helpful app- you can hire someone for as little as kshs.50,000 to do it- then publish it in playstore.

Now, if you have done good research –you want to brainstorm and see what apps people may be in need of and they’re not available in playstore- there’s a good chance you’ll get hundreds of thousands of downloads.

The next step is adding Google ads in your app- I’m sure you have seen apps like Bible app or Live Football app- have constant ads.

It can be a sure way of getting rich passively – just be creative and see if you can get an idea of an app that people can find useful enough to download.


Selling real estate online

This is one of my favorite online jobs in Kenya that pay kshs 10000 per day and here’s why:

Because more Kenyans have invested in rental apartments and buying and selling of land/plots these days, customers are not as easy to come by as they used to be in the past.

In a nutshell, somebody may sink millions developing a state-of-the-art rental property (or even things like Air BnBs) but end up struggling to get tenants.

The situation is duplicated when it comes to businesspeople who are selling land/plots (that’s why you see them paying influencers to try and attract buyers).

So, if you’re daring enough, you approach these distressed property owners- remember some have loans they need to be servicing from the income they get from the properties- and offer them a solution..

You want to make a deal with them that once you introduce a tenant or a buyer, they’ll pay you a certain fee or percentage.

Now, if you can get a few honest ones, then you might soon be smiling all the way to the bank.

I’m sure very few would reject your offer since they’re not paying you anything in advance…you want to be paid after work.

Needless to say, you will go take quality photos (and videos- record one that takes people through a tour of the house/land) of these properties then begin vigorously marketing online (put them up on social media including in groups, Jiji, and everywhere else you can get clients).

You can even pay Google ads for the properties once you start earning.

In fact, you may end up with a thriving online real estate marketing agency from your efforts.

Think about it, friend.

Online jobs in Kenya that pay kshs 10000 per day –final words

When you Google “Online jobs in Kenya that pay kshs 10000 per day”, be careful because scammers are out there online looking for easy prey.

What I’m saying is while you can make kshs 10000 per day online in Kenya, it won’t just happen without you putting in some work.

So anybody telling you to pay a given amount I don’t know so that you can open an account with this amazing company that pays 10k per day is most likely after your hard earned money.

That’s how Kenyans have always been scammed online – did you hear of scams like SocialBizConnect(Global internet Fortunes), public likes, Amazon web worker…there have been so many I have lost count?

You don’t want to be the next victim so keep your eyes wide open..

Good luck my friend.


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