Technical skills in Kenya that can take you places

One of the best investments you can make for yourself, especially if you’re not yet settled into your chosen career or you’re currently confused about the best course to pursue in Kenya is investing in yourself..and specifically acquiring the most marketable technical skills in Kenya.

As I always do, I’ll be sharing with you about the technical skills that are in-demand in Kenya (both for those looking to get into formal employment and those desiring to venture into self-employment).

My name is John Gitahi, Chief Career Advisor and Principal at Kenya Online College– My passion is helping you make informed career decisions especially when it comes to higher education in Kenya.

And that is where I’ve prepared this brief write-up…so let us dive in..


Technical skills in Kenya that are most in-demand

Data science skills

high income skills in kenya

If your passion is in ICT(or you would to shift gears to IT), consider data science..( advanced analysis of numbers –and visualization-using software such as PowerBi to help decision making)

I say so because I’ve seen the Kenya market slowly opening up meaning you’ll definitely find a worthwhile opportunity at some point.

Keep in mind that data science really goes well with courses such as a degree in economics and statistics.

Software engineering(coding)

Still in ICT, coding skills are unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon, despite AI coming into the fold in a big way so you may consider learning how to build apps, responsive websites, and desktop software.

Do not forget that software engineering certification (full stack) can give you an edge if you have a degree in computer science/ICT…remember what the certification gives you is exceptional skills, which are mostly not taught in class.

Check out our Software Engineering Course, if you’d like to go that route.


Machine learning

Another new-ish technical skill that many guys out there seem not to have is machine learning.

And here you’re essentially an AI Software Engineer responsible for tasks such as creating deployable versions of various Machine Learning models (depending on the industry you’re working in) and their integration of into relevant products to achieve objectives such as improved efficiency.

In terms of learning ML in Kenya, having a solid background in mathematics combined with proficiency in python will do you a world of good.

And when it comes to Colleges/schools you can learn with Udemy or even YouTube (if you’re self-disciplined).

The good thing is there are well paying vacancies every now and then –and there’s little competition.

Plus, you can freelance for western world enterprises if you become good, while in Nairobi.


Digital marketing skills

Technical Skills in Digital Marketing such as SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and (Search Engine Marketing) can also be worth going for.

You can add to that list in depth knowledge of Web Analytics (using data analysis tools such as Google Analytics) because there’s not a lot of competition in that line.

We teach the most Technically Complete Digital Marketing Course in Kenya at Kenya Online College and you may want to explore it, if your dream is to become a rock star technical digital marketer in Kenya.


The Complete Digital Marketing Course


Air refrigeration and conditioning

Kenya and indeed many other countries on our planet are getting warmer with each passing year, making the demand for air conditioning and refrigeration system soar fast.

This means you have a very good chance of securing meaningful employment in this fast-expanding field.

The best part?

AI won’t be taking over your job – these handyman types of jobs may be the last to be disrupted by AI.

So do your calculations and see if taking an air conditioning and refrigeration course could make sense for you (You can just do a complete HVAC course).

Tig welding

technical courses that are marketable in kenya

Also marketable locally and in the diaspora is Tig welding skills(Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)

Perhaps I should explain a bit: TIG welding is actually a highly specialized welding technique that is used in a multitude of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical devices
  • Construction (especially piping and tubing)
  • Fabrication shops
  • Manufacturing (mainly for delicate components)

Now, this very widespread use across numerous industries (note that it is popular for Stainless and steam equipment) is what makes it an attractive option- there’s a huge demand for technically skilled TIG welders.

Because I know you don’t know this, you can attend a trade school (check with TVETs near you) to learn the skill…just know that not many institutions offer it in Kenya so be patient during your search.



Next strong and super valuable technical skill is instrumentation.

You see, the process industries, including chemical, oil and gas, manufacturing, power generation, and pharmaceuticals, tend to rely heavily on instrumentation for monitoring and control of various processes.

In turn, this creates a consistent demand for skilled instrumentation technicians and engineers.

To qualify, analyze your options and see if doing a Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering at a TVET Institute is possible (even if it means learning part-time).


Data Protection Skills

best technical courses for ladies in kenya

As data protection becomes more and more invaluable, the need for companies to protect data has also been constantly increasing.

Even better, Kenya Data Protection Act(No. 24,2019) came into effect on 25-th November, 2019 meaning companies have to appoint a data protection officer.

And that is where there’s a gap..if you have a course like Information Security, or Law, or even Data Science, then adding a Data Protection Certificate could be a brilliant move.


Technical skills in Kenya that can take you places- wrap up

Other technical skills in demand in Kenya –according to a survey published by The Star– are in hospitality, agriculture, automotive, electrical and building and construction, medical areas(health science) and food production.

I’ll be updating this article when I learn of more new technical courses that could be helpful to you.


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